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  1. My two CX40 joysticks arrived today! Woohoo! Now if only my Atari would finally arrive :roll: I need something to keep me busy as another lockdown approaches!

    1. Rogerpoco


      Believe it or not, and I am in a "new minority"(but I'll justify my claim...), I'm sure, but in a pinch, the sticks that come in even the cheapest Flashback model are, believe it or not, very decent.

      I don't really play video games "for fun", per se, I'm actually a high-score chaser mostly, over at another site. Which is it's own fun, but to me at least, most definitely "different"-when high scoring you tend to ignore many elements typically considered "fun", focusing on "microtasks" exclusively.

      Anyway. I have Great Friends/Mentors and stuff, junior member of a Superstar Crew, lol, and I'm actually pretty good, can easily pick out differences in "feel" from hardware to EMU to Flashbacks, etc.

      The Flashback stick(back on topic...)feels like a cheap piece of garbage(it sorta is...), and you definitely can break them(don't play Dragster with one, ever...).

      But once you get used to the looser feel of the stick, it is MUCH easier on your hands-on almost all the timed games, I'd already maxed out my potential, Barnstorming, Skiing, etc, mostly with "fastest possible" times and stuff, but on games I am typically "bad at", mostly where you have to "shoot at stuff"(which is a LOT of games...), my scores have improved dramatically since I started using the flashback sticks exclusively.

      I'll be nice tho, and not talk about the Flashbacks themselves...


    2. GoldLeader


      ^Actually I like the Flashback sticks, and Slik Stiks, and using Genesis pads...Well and of course my Edladdin Arcade stick, and an NES converted pad...Lot of good choices actually!

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