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  1. Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate. Did anyone ask for anything Atari-related this year?

    1. jaybird3rd


      Merry Christmas!  Unfortunately, nobody around me understands anything Atari-related well enough to know what to get, but I've treated myself to a few Atari items recently.  (Mostly hardware and games for the 5200 and 400/800 computers.  Love those machines.)

    2. GoldLeader


      A little present to myself,  I bought Titan (boxed) for PC Engine.

    3. ls650


      I ordered a new NeoVec controller for my Vectrex about 6 weeks ago.  I was hoping to have that by Christmas, but alas, it is buried somewhere in the labyrinth that is Canada Post. 

      I just got an email that some games on my Steam wishlist are on sale for some pretty huge discounts, so I might download two or three of those after work.

      Nothing specific to Atari though.

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