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  1. Taking a break from Atari to work my way through Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero World Tour. Got the whole band kit for Christmas. Just as awesome now as it was 13 years ago!

  2. Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate. Did anyone ask for anything Atari-related this year?

    1. jaybird3rd


      Merry Christmas!  Unfortunately, nobody around me understands anything Atari-related well enough to know what to get, but I've treated myself to a few Atari items recently.  (Mostly hardware and games for the 5200 and 400/800 computers.  Love those machines.)

    2. GoldLeader


      A little present to myself,  I bought Titan (boxed) for PC Engine.

    3. ls650


      I ordered a new NeoVec controller for my Vectrex about 6 weeks ago.  I was hoping to have that by Christmas, but alas, it is buried somewhere in the labyrinth that is Canada Post. 

      I just got an email that some games on my Steam wishlist are on sale for some pretty huge discounts, so I might download two or three of those after work.

      Nothing specific to Atari though.

  3. Just got Worm War! It's my mom's favorite and I can't wait for COVID to clear up so she can visit and play. Had a heart attack because at first it didn't work. I should have known better than to trust that the seller actually cleaned it before shipping it🙄

    1. Rogerpoco


      I use q-tips and hand sanitizer-it's always given me good results, I've not seen/heard of any potential long term damage from it, and it seems the most efficient way to clean cart contacts, to me.

      I've got a million good scores on Atari now, but again, playing it as an adult is kinda new to me, 5 years or so, Worm War was one of a handful I DO remember playing as a kid, really good game(I'm just not too good AT it!).

      Hope she enjoys it, when she gets a chance to play!!!

      Haha-when I first got into Atari "recently", my Wife's older Sister came over, Wife said she was really good at Yars back in the day, a game I am really bad at, even still-she hadn't played in surely 20 years, and NOT a "regular gamer".

      She played for like a half-hour, didn't die, and just stopped playing, lol, she knew I was as impressed as I needed to be, and she was bored.

      Really blew me away, one of my favorite "gaming" stories, and I have a LOT of them, haha!

    2. Atarigirlwonder


      Love the story! Thanks for sharing! Yes, I used something similar to clean it and it worked great! Just got a lot of 30 games so I'm sure I'll be doing some more cleaning today. 

  4. YAYAY! My adapter for the Atari is here. It works amazingly. :D The first game I played was Space Invaders. I had no idea about the black lines glitch on the left-hand side of the screen. Thank goodness for AtariAge because at first, I started to panic that something was faulty in the system display :lol:

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    2. Atarigirlwonder


      Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ll look into it for sure! It definitely seems helpful!

    3. bluejay


      Yeah, harmony carts might seem expensive but in the long run it's much better than buying original cartridges.

    4. Trinity


      Next time you play space invaders, Hold the reset button down, then flip on the power to your Atari.:)

  5. MY HEAVY SIXER IS FINALLY HERE! What isn't here are the adapters to actually make the thing work on the TV...:razz: Baby steps!:lol:

    1. bluejay


      Buy one of those F-type coax-RCA adapters. I believe the Atariage store carries them. They're much easier to deal with than switchboxes.

    2. Atarigirlwonder


      I have one on the way now! It should be here Tuesday.


    3. GoldLeader


      Then an A/V mod and/or S-Video,..Maybe a Harmony cart, buy some homebrews in the AA Store...I know, I know, One thing at a time...haha...Have fun!

  6. My two CX40 joysticks arrived today! Woohoo! Now if only my Atari would finally arrive :roll: I need something to keep me busy as another lockdown approaches!

    1. Rogerpoco


      Believe it or not, and I am in a "new minority"(but I'll justify my claim...), I'm sure, but in a pinch, the sticks that come in even the cheapest Flashback model are, believe it or not, very decent.

      I don't really play video games "for fun", per se, I'm actually a high-score chaser mostly, over at another site. Which is it's own fun, but to me at least, most definitely "different"-when high scoring you tend to ignore many elements typically considered "fun", focusing on "microtasks" exclusively.

      Anyway. I have Great Friends/Mentors and stuff, junior member of a Superstar Crew, lol, and I'm actually pretty good, can easily pick out differences in "feel" from hardware to EMU to Flashbacks, etc.

      The Flashback stick(back on topic...)feels like a cheap piece of garbage(it sorta is...), and you definitely can break them(don't play Dragster with one, ever...).

      But once you get used to the looser feel of the stick, it is MUCH easier on your hands-on almost all the timed games, I'd already maxed out my potential, Barnstorming, Skiing, etc, mostly with "fastest possible" times and stuff, but on games I am typically "bad at", mostly where you have to "shoot at stuff"(which is a LOT of games...), my scores have improved dramatically since I started using the flashback sticks exclusively.

      I'll be nice tho, and not talk about the Flashbacks themselves...


    2. GoldLeader


      ^Actually I like the Flashback sticks, and Slik Stiks, and using Genesis pads...Well and of course my Edladdin Arcade stick, and an NES converted pad...Lot of good choices actually!

  7. Hi all! I just bought a heavy sixer and thought this would be a cool forum to join. So, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello! :)

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