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  1. vinniet


    Never heard AVGCART had ability to be ram expander. Where does connectors plugs in 800xl? The expansion Port on the back?
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I did try it and didn't work as you said. Maybe another way would be good like running cart in LiteDOS.
  3. Can you explain how REMU works. I was not able to find anything on the LiteDOS site. Thanks!
  4. I am trying to understand the process. I would like to convert the homebrew FloB from cart to xex. Can someone please assist.
  5. Hello .. Sorry but I cannot recreate the reset button exit to menu. Tried many games, even the ones that I reported, and all worked fine with reset and exit to menu. Maybe the cart was not fully inserted, it SO tight sometimes with 2600 carts. Thanks
  6. I tried it on two Activision games. Barnstormer and river raid. I can test more
  7. I am having issues when I try start game using test button on my 7800 it brings me back to Pluscart menu. I found post on another web site where they had same issue but not seem one on here. Is this a problem? Works fine on all my various 2600.
  8. I am having issues loading roms. It would try to load it them out message out fails to load. My WiFi has always been good. He rooms loaded but most failed.
  9. vinniet


    Does anyone know if Avgcart is sold in USA, could not find reseller.
  10. I thought that too and moved it around the house. Also I have no CF bulbs but lots of devices. I have replacement being send so I will see if that helps.
  11. Yes but it would agree it could be any of those except its two different units, two different hookups (RF & RCA mod) and two different power supplies (one original and other new type).
  12. I see new Fujinet Hardware but not seen anyone selling them. Also what is new in these new revisions.
  13. Thanks I appreciate it. If you need my information, please let me know. What does the user button usually do?
  14. The static happen at all times, even when the WIFI module is not doing anything, like when it has vinished loading or when the game is being played.
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