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  1. I thought that too and moved it around the house. Also I have no CF bulbs but lots of devices. I have replacement being send so I will see if that helps.
  2. Yes but it would agree it could be any of those except its two different units, two different hookups (RF & RCA mod) and two different power supplies (one original and other new type).
  3. I see new Fujinet Hardware but not seen anyone selling them. Also what is new in these new revisions.
  4. Thanks I appreciate it. If you need my information, please let me know. What does the user button usually do?
  5. The static happen at all times, even when the WIFI module is not doing anything, like when it has vinished loading or when the game is being played.
  6. @splendidnut I could go with that theory except this does not happen for any other cartridge I use, including Harmony. Also, when the game loads there is also interreference. Any other regular cartridges (about 20) or Harmony and games it loads, no interreference. I would think what I would see the same static with PlusCart as with Harmony.
  7. This issue is showing up on two different Atari 2600. The latest video was taken with Atari 4 switch Woody hooked up by RF to Sony Tube TV. The other videos I took were taken with Vader with RCA mod hooked to modern 52" Sony HD TV. Both different Atari with different TV and hookups are showing the static. That is why I am saying I think there might be something with the PlusCart. Any other thoughts?
  8. @Andrew Davie @Al_Nafuur I think I have to come to some conclusion there might be problem with my PlusCart. I obtained Sony VEGA 24" tube TV that works perfectly. I have hooked up Atari 2600 via antenna and still getting static and popping noise like before. Enclosed is the video of the issue. Let me know if you think PlusCart is defective. PXL_20210407_155245687.mp4
  9. I did some searching about reset the Atari after playing game back to menu. Some say its impossible without power cycle. Interesting PlusCart (probably Unocart) somehow have it working. You need to press joystick to right and Game Reset switch. Not sure if anyone has looked into how they are able to do it since its open source. Either way its amazing tech for the Atari.
  10. I cannot seem to get the Reset Emulation to work. I assume it means I can exit the current game and get back to the PlusCart main menu without powercycle. I hold fire on right joystick and press Game Reset (right most switch) and it just resets the game. I have tried this on bunch and nothing happens but restart game. Am I doing something wrong or do I have the meaning wrong on what it does? UPDATE OH I read another post and I got it. Use Left joystick and press right and press Game reset. Such awesome feature.
  11. Thanks for that informative explanation. I was less concerned for the font and more on the static. I understand like Harmony, PlusCart are doing something 2600 was not designed for. The static shows up not only in the menu but in the games also. When I put that same game cart I own in, that does not happen.
  12. I am new at this but I do not see others complain about it, you might have more experience with that. If two very different TV with different hookups have the same problem I would imagine I would see lots of people with the same issue.
  13. I have completely different TV (10 yo) hooked up with antenna instead of RCA and similar issue. The CRT does not seem to have the issue, but the screen was not that clear so hard to tell. Two videos are from the new TV. PXL_20210331_133748382.mp4 PXL_20210331_134121438.mp4
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