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  1. I am a huge fan of De/Vision. Have listened to them for over 25 years. I immediately went searching for that image. They are extremely influenced by Depeche Mode for sure. In my opinion DM has drifted and since maybe 2000 or so De/Vision is what DM should be.
  2. What happened to the Amico forum? It appears to be gone. I just saw Tommy Tallarico’s final post inviting people to the Amico Facebook group. Maybe that was against policy? If this isn’t a glitch, why nuke them rather than lock them?
  3. It was a general video game (and home computer crash). Lots of platforms disappeared, lots of arcades and software houses went under. For instance, Colecovision and ADAM collapsed, TI-99 collapsed, HESware (big early game publisher) collapsed and so on. It was bad and way beyond Atari. Even Amiga pivoted from a games console to a home computer. On the other hand, I really enjoyed getting tons of 2600 and C64 games super cheap. I did not really understand what was going on. The golden age for flea markets was 1990 to 1995. I built my collection for a song. My big win was a 5200 and 15 games for $25. And the controllers weren’t even broken!
  4. I was a big 7800 and 2600 guy in those days (got the 2600 in ‘81 and the 7800 I think in ‘89). I wish I had known about this newsletter at the time. How did you find out about it? I’m wondering if I should buy the book.
  5. And now they release some new 2600 carts… but they are way overpriced and the project so far is hopelessly incompetent. That’s Nutari for you.
  6. Yep. Let’s see. In a year maybe we will all be staying in Atari Hotels, playing Atari video games, wearing Atari speaker hats, and getting rich off AtariCoin. Or maybe it won’t happen. We will see.
  7. Put down the crack pipe and let’s see in a year. Either the VCS will take the world by storm, with a strong media presence, corporate partners, and blockbuster sales. Or it won’t. Only time will tell.
  8. Why would they need more systems in place? They aren’t selling all the ones they have. They’ve been in stock at the Microcenter near me since release without selling out. Microcenter even reduced the price. The fact that, even in the supply shortage, they can’t sell the small number of units they’ve managed to build is worrisome.
  9. Why do you keep trying to change the subject? This is an Atari VCS thread.
  10. https://republic.co/intellivision-amico
  11. Non-sequitor? BTW, if you’re referring to the Amico before did you know it has more presales than the VCS total sales?
  12. Dude. You’re the one that brought up the flashbacks in a conversation about potential VCS sales. So are we in agreement that the Flashbacks target completely different markets and the Flashback is mostly irrelevant to the VCS (with the caveat that you can get most VCS pack-in content for less in a Flashback form factor?)
  13. You do realize these are like 1/4 the price of a VCS? The Flashback 9 even had content the VCS does not (Activision games).
  14. While some advertising would probably result in more sales than no advertising, tbe VCS has never had a real value proposition. There is simply nothing you can do on the VCS that you can’t do elsewhere for cheaper. Even using it as a general purpose PC requires time and expense to add another hard disk and memory. It is just not a mass market product. No amount of advertising will change that.
  15. So, are you going to acknowledge that you said “new Atari” and claimed you didn’t and swore about it, or not?
  16. It seems odd then Atari SA itself seems so keen on making a connection. Calling the device a VCS, how the case looks, the classic joysticks. If young people don’t care, is the target audience old people like me? Maybe that’s why they have sold so few.
  17. Do you really think anyone under 30 cares? Some young people will wear an atari logo shirt now and then but that’s just “ironic” nostalgia.
  18. Can you name one line of continuity between the Atari in California and the Atari in France besides some IP purchased at a bankruptcy proceeding?
  19. Before the Jaguar-fueled collapse there was always some continuity from one owner to the next. Tramiel shook things up a lot, but there were some people and, obviously, a lot of products in common. After the JTS merger it was hard to say there was anything Atari left, as new software was all done by vendors. After JTS went bankrupt in early 1999 I think a lot of people would consider that dead dead. Since then Atari has been a corpse. Sometimes people wear its skin to given them a little boost in name recognition but each time they do the brand is weakened a little bit.
  20. The 7th and 8th word of the comment that you made that I quoted in my own comment. (post 4148) Im ready to accept your apology. No need to swear.
  21. Well, I’m glad the new atari has people like you to extract money from. And it is telling you call it “new Atari”. Even you aren’t under any illusions there is any connection whatsoever between the organizations with the exception of some moldy IP that has bounced around for years.
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