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  1. Do we have any other good alternative for RetroThink? Currently all models are not available...
  2. Have you tried this RetroThink 2x Mini with your computer?
  3. @pseudografx What are you impressions about using retroscaler 2x after some months?
  4. Sorry, I prefer making videos... 😇
  5. @zzip Thank you for this comment. I think almost exactly like you. The word "war" was used not in real meaning but with some irony however as I can see basing on this thread the war still continues for some. Moreover I hid two messages in the video saying sth about my attitude to this subject however instead of following this game and having some fun and small exercise for brain it's better to complain within this thread... Once again thank you for supporting me here.
  6. Guys, Can't you see how many interesting discussions this tread contains? How many interesting things did we learn? Even if sometimes it causes too much emotions. For me the intention is to have win-win situation. For sure I promote my video, but at the same time we have very interesting thread and at least me I've learnt some new interesting things thanks to it. And also that despite time passing many people can't look on this from some perspective with some calm... Please also note that my small channel is not at all commercial which means I didn't earn even one cent and noone proposed me even cup of coffee (I noticed that sometimes google displays some small ads but it's not depended on me and I don't earn on that). On the opposite side I spent many evenings preparing this video and also few answering on questions or following Internet discussions. I would say that most of the threads here have some similar win-win situation. If someone ex. discuss new hardware device to Atari, we could also "accuse" him that he might have some benefits from it. However I've never seen any suggestions like this. Concluding, please stay calm. I understand that this thread might not be interesting for everyone. However if someone would like to add some comments other than just negative emotions, please be welcome. Please also excuse me but I don't want to continue this discussion how much trolling is that. As accusing me for trolling is becoming somehow trolling also... P.S. If you really think that I have so many viewers from this thread, I've just checked in statistics, in the last 28 days I've got... 11 views from atariage.com for all my videos on my channel.
  7. Yeah, I know there is some risk asking here. However no risk no fun. And I might ask the same question of Commodore forum and then combine two different point of views. It might make sense... Trolling... eh.... Following this way of thinking almost everyone here is doing some trolling...
  8. Btw, do you think it would be worth to prepare second part of this video? If yes, what areas should be touched or extended comparing the first video?
  9. @MclaneincI know it will not be an easy piece of cake...
  10. @Yautja, that's a big challenge. I would prefer both, to present things I'm deeply interested and to have popular channel. Please better tell me how to do. In particular this guy is very inspiring for me: https://www.youtube.com/user/adric22 Sure he is doing this since a couple of years and he has good collection of many devices (and growing fast due to his viewers) but you know step by step and perhaps one day... And of course I really appreciate meeting interesting people (or perhaps should I say interesting geeks?).
  11. @VinsCool With video speed, it's like with a good cake. You can eat it probably quite quickly but you can also enjoy the taste and eat small bite by small bite. If I like the subject I'm not so quick. Sure if we squeeze the video, it could be much shorter. However quite often I can hear fully different comments being on opposite sides. Some are saying that I could present more things in a pill, others that I could discuss some subjects much more deeply. One of good examples is this subject with comparison of Atari processor against modern processors. For guys who had Atari the huge difference in speed is quite obvious. However for much younger viewers it doesn't have to be so obvious. I fully agree that comparing frequencies and number of threads is huge simplification. However to go more deeply I should probably prepare another 20-30 minutes video just for this subject and I can bet that it would not be still perfect. Thus it's always some kind of compromise. Btw, which games would you like to see in such a comparison? And I have to admit that I have also to be brave a bit to put some clickbaits. I prepared around 20 videos on my small channel and as for now the results of this channel are quite poor. If interest is still so low, I might consider... stop playing in youtube... but that's another story.
  12. In my country we say "golden words". It's a great comment. We should look at that from some perspective having more fun in discussion than just fighting.
  13. I have impression that correlation between computers prices and salaries was even worse in Poland. Perhaps that's a good topic for another video? However thanks a lot for this comment.
  14. @Tuxon86 Not sure how about other European countries but in Poland these 8-bit computers were extremely expensive comparing to salaries. So many boys and girls didn't have them. Most discussed just having very limited experiences ex. just few hours of gaming on friend's computer. However the subject was very very hot! I even remember starting my first programming experiences writing first programs in the notebook, not even running them once. So there were only 100% theoretical programs. However we had hours and hours of discussions with friends. Sometimes very silly... as noone was expert. But still we were trying to prove which computer is better.
  15. @Mclaneinc, decrypt/decode two hidden messages in my video please! If you do it, probably you will discover something interesting.
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