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  1. I'm not expert here but I'm wondering if this SUM3 suggest something? I found some of the similar batteries, ex. here: https://www.hisupplier.com/product-39188-SUM-3-AA-Size-Battery/ However all are described as single use batter and not chargeable battery. And all are Zinc-Chloride batteries or similar, ex. zinc chloride-manganese dioxide (mercury free). Also that Japanese title suggest that it's single use battery. However it's still amazing that one battery lasted so long...
  2. Hi, My question is a bit untypical thus I wasn't sure on which forum to post it. I need a good quality public domain photo of old British Prestel terminal I could use on my small channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaM5ly9KJJ9zx6pLp-qOtqQ Unfortunately I'm not able to find any using search engines. Does anyone know where to find it? Or perhaps any of our British colleagues has such a Prestel terminal and could take a good photo and make it public domain please? Thanks a lot for help.
  3. Looks promising! Please kick me when it's ready!
  4. Let me join this thread as I have two questions concerning serial numbers. 1. Is that possible to determine the year of production basing on serial number. Ex. here "72R3CG AT 8423119" I though that this AT 84... means 1984 year but it seems not always fit. Moreover there are serial numbers starting ex. with two zeros. 2. Is that possible to distinguish quickly if monitor output has chrominance/luminance/composite or only luminance/composite? I've heard that models until 83 year included have only luminance/composite and models from 85 chrominance/luminance/composite but not sure if it's true? And the most challenging is 84 as here there was shift and some models have first option and some the second. Btw, do you remember until which year 800XL was produced?
  5. Is someone is interested in differences between capacitative and resistive touch screens: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=resistive+vs+capacitive+touch+screen (these are not my videos).
  6. AFAIK Atari Basic was terribly slow. It would be interesting to compare the results with Action! and assembler...
  7. Btw, do you know how the screens which looks like capacitive but allowing using normal gloves (not special smartphone ones) works ? Are they pure capacitive but just there is huge signal amplification? Or is that some kind of mixture capacitive/resistive screen?
  8. What about the gamepad which is visible in my video? For me it's very convenient for playing, even if it doesn't fit all smartphones. It's called doogee gamepad g1.
  9. I'm afraid that you might be right... Just was trying... For me Atari was always a big love thus I would like somehow to share this interest. But that's probably like being Don Quixote...
  10. Simply both things have different target groups. YT video was prepared not for guys spending long hours every week wanting to find some new information about 8-bit computers they love. It was rather for wider audience. Moreover with this video I wanted to make interest teenagers with 8-bit computers. That's why it's a bit crazy (even if I'm not sure if I hit the point). Basing of the statistics of my small channel, the interest in the group <35 years is extremely low (between 25-34 years old I have only 1% of viewers, and below 25 years old just zero percent, sure it's my channel statistics but somehow it can be interpolated to some general conclusions that younger generation is not interested in 8-bit devices). And the thread here was created with intention to exchange information with 8-bit geeks. Sure it's never 0/1 and some things from one area might be interested for another target group and vice versa. It's never like that that each piece of gear fits all.
  11. XEmu65 is android port prepared by one of Polish developers. At the beginning he was quite enthusiastic and the project seemed to be very promising. However suddenly everything was "cut" and AFAIK there are no any changes since many months. The emulator is still in beta version. I tried to run some games using XEmu65 and Colleen and my choice was still the second one. However as I find XEmu 65 as interesting I put link to it in my video description (since the beginning, not after your comment, btw XEmu65 is available on Play Google Store). Not sure what caused that XEmu65 author suddenly stopped working on it. On one Polish forum I've found sth about some health problems but not sure how much it was reliable. Still it would be nice if he continue work on XEmu65. Especially that Colleen seems to be also abandoned. There is no any new version since years. Atari800 emulator was upgraded few times since then and Colleen still uses old Atari800. Some time ago I even tried to write to Colleen author but he didn't answer. Concluding I have impression that Atari fans still are waiting for good and regularly updated Android emulator...
  12. I counted rather on s-video to hdmi. With good converter it shouldn't be so bad. I don't like to modify too much genuine hardware. As otherwise you can say that emulator would be the best option. In many cases it assures the same functionality, just it doesn't create all this atmosphere.
  13. Seriously, I understand that the subject of this thread and/or my video might not fit to everyone. However there are other so many other interesting threads thus I count here only on comments of people who are interested in this area and on comments concerning my questions. Thank you for understanding.
  14. Amazing project! Btw, it would be probably impossible to make replica of any of currently used processors. It would be really huge...
  15. Thank you for your very valuable comment, my dear security guard. Do you comment like this all posts here with links? Or only selected according to your top secret and very sophisticated algorithm?
  16. Hi, Just for simple curiosity, do you sometimes use Atari emulator on smartphones just for having fun with old games? Is Colleen the only reasonable option here? Has anyone tried to compile it with the newest version of Atari800 emulator? Btw, let me allow you to invite to have a look on my newest video, about Android emulators of ZX Spectrum, Atari, Commodore. *** Can three legendary computers be put in one pocket? Taken effortlessly on vacation? Used for fun on the way to school or work? Let's check it out! Amazing devices still provide great 8-bit entertainment, only now on smartphones! It's definitely worth to watch this video! *** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX9sj8OoK2Y
  17. @bfollowell I would prefer not to install any mod. @manterola This ODV converter looks good. Any new remarks to be shared?
  18. Not sure if it's a good solution. Have you tried it? According to Amberry their model has: RCA A/V S-Video Input Resolution Support: 480i,576i Howerver for Atari, please correct me if I'm wrong, 240p would be welcome. And for example RetroScaler 2x provides it.
  19. Do we have any other good alternative for RetroThink? Currently all models are not available...
  20. Have you tried this RetroThink 2x Mini with your computer?
  21. @pseudografx What are you impressions about using retroscaler 2x after some months?
  22. Sorry, I prefer making videos... 😇
  23. @zzip Thank you for this comment. I think almost exactly like you. The word "war" was used not in real meaning but with some irony however as I can see basing on this thread the war still continues for some. Moreover I hid two messages in the video saying sth about my attitude to this subject however instead of following this game and having some fun and small exercise for brain it's better to complain within this thread... Once again thank you for supporting me here.
  24. Guys, Can't you see how many interesting discussions this tread contains? How many interesting things did we learn? Even if sometimes it causes too much emotions. For me the intention is to have win-win situation. For sure I promote my video, but at the same time we have very interesting thread and at least me I've learnt some new interesting things thanks to it. And also that despite time passing many people can't look on this from some perspective with some calm... Please also note that my small channel is not at all commercial which means I didn't earn even one cent and noone proposed me even cup of coffee (I noticed that sometimes google displays some small ads but it's not depended on me and I don't earn on that). On the opposite side I spent many evenings preparing this video and also few answering on questions or following Internet discussions. I would say that most of the threads here have some similar win-win situation. If someone ex. discuss new hardware device to Atari, we could also "accuse" him that he might have some benefits from it. However I've never seen any suggestions like this. Concluding, please stay calm. I understand that this thread might not be interesting for everyone. However if someone would like to add some comments other than just negative emotions, please be welcome. Please also excuse me but I don't want to continue this discussion how much trolling is that. As accusing me for trolling is becoming somehow trolling also... P.S. If you really think that I have so many viewers from this thread, I've just checked in statistics, in the last 28 days I've got... 11 views from atariage.com for all my videos on my channel.
  25. Yeah, I know there is some risk asking here. However no risk no fun. And I might ask the same question of Commodore forum and then combine two different point of views. It might make sense... Trolling... eh.... Following this way of thinking almost everyone here is doing some trolling...
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