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  1. I got tired of looking for the Jaguar AV cord so I added a port from a dead gamecube. I'll never have to worry about finding a cord that fits
  2. Actually bleem does count. I have bleem for tekken 3, gt2 and mgs. It really does enhance the graphics from 32bit to 64. 32 to 64?? The Dreamcast isn't 64bit
  3. Nice! I did the same to mine but I used a Gamecube/n64 port instead.
  4. I'd love a CD unit even if it didn't work, so my Atari "toilet" is complete!! lol
  5. I wanted to do that but I don't have a donor Jag and I'm not about to do it to the only one I have.. Although I did "change" it a bit. I had a make shift composite cord that was always cutting the sound.. I didn't want to spend 20 bucks on a Jaguar cable so, since I have tons of N64 (4 parts) and cables, I added the AV port from a Nintendo64 to the back of my Jaguar. Clean connection everytime! ^_^
  6. I'm not a big fan of the "I'm the only one who has it so I can charge $500" for a old Jaguar game mentality. Like Dracula X for the TurboDuo. Everyone knows that it sells for $150 but I was glad to see that it is available for download and I finally get to own and play the game! Now chances are, that the people on ebay buying the Dracula game are simply making a copy, then passing it on and trying to get their cash back. Sure this isn't the same case with BSG because its a cartridge. But if it were on CD, and a straight burn did actually work (not sure, never owned a JagCD) then BSG would be normally priced along with other Jaguar games. Seriously, is the game the best Jaguar game ever? Like the Halo2 for Jaguar? That's just my $0.2
  7. You mean the fake dental cleaning device that EGM showed as an April fool's prank??
  8. Boxed complete? Just the copier and cart, plus battery covers. No box or papers
  9. Speaking of collection value... I just got a 2600 COPY CART like the one in the 2600 rarity guide. Any idea how much one of those go for? I've never seen an actual price, just that it's "unbelievably rare" (10)
  10. Hmmm... Been doing that for over 25 years now. Just when will they fail??? 920191[/snapback] Well, depends on how frequently you do it. I've fixed many controllers where the jacket busts and the wires are exposed at the base of the controller. What I do is, I hold the controller and make the first loop around my finger, then the rest around the controller. That way, the cord doesn't bend sharply at the controller base. Easy!
  11. LOL!!! Oh by the way. most spray Electronics Cleaners have high solvents and make AMAZING roach or bug killers. Its safer than RAID, and kills them in seconds. I love using that stuff on roaches, wasps, spiders.. Tip, if using it against a wasps nest, its even more fun if you have a lighter or propane torch in front of the spray!!! WOOOOOSHHH!!!
  12. keep it simple, use a slightly thicker screw. If you must use the same screw, and want to use the epoxi idea, coat the screw with some PAM or baby oil. Fill the hole with the epoxi, and set the screw all the way into the stripped post. Once its cured, take out the screw and you have new treads. But be jentle to them from now on.
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