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  1. Hello everyone! I still see a lot of "faces" around here from when I was very active a long time ago (like 7 years ago or more)!! I've been away from game collecting for quite a long time. I've done a little snooping around and see there are a TON of homebrews now. It looks like there are as many now (with variants) as there were games originally made for the system. That's both crazy and amazing! (However, I'll never own them all now...haha). I'll just stick with my original 125 and the 25-30 HBs I currently have. I hope you've all been well and I hope to be back for a while again! Dryfter
  2. I only have the original IntelliCart. I may pic up one of the newer ones. Haven't decided yet. No plans on trying to get the C3.
  3. I think the Intellivision collecting crowd as a whole LOVES packaging. One of the things that was great about the Intellivision when it came out was the boxes for the games. They lent themselves to be saved because they were more like books than boxes. That's why you see so many boxed games around still and complete collections all with boxes. An Intellivision game without a box is like a hot dog without a bun.
  4. Worm Whomper is one that I never played as a kid (never had it) but when I tried it after collecting all the games, quickly became one of my favorites. That and "Shark! Shark!" were games I regrettably missed as a kid. They are GREAT games.
  5. So, I realized the major reason why I stopped coming to the forums as much as I used to. There's not really much left to discuss about the original 125 (and people don't seem to talk about them as much as they used to). So the boards have become a posting grounds for and about homebrews. Most posts are about when they'll come out, how many will be available, preordering, etc. etc. The main issue for me is that the prices in the last 12-24 months have jumped a lot. It wasn't too bad when they cost $40-$50 a piece but now most prices start at $70 a pop.. I mean hell, I paid $70 each for League of Light and Robot Rubble. I think people are willing to pay 10x that amount for those titles now. (No, not selling...) I understand there's a lot of work that goes into these, especially since the creators make them complete with boxes, instructions and overlays and the collectors enjoy them. I'm sure the prices aren't just pulled out of the air and I know that the creators aren't making a living off making them...I get it. The nail in my homebrew collecting coffin happened when I saw that only 30 copies of Blix were created. It actually was a bit of a relief for me because I know I'll most likely never get it, so I don't feel compelled to get the other games that have come out recently that I don't have. I may pick up one here or there if they are games that I remember as a kid that never were released on the INTV but for the most part, I won't be getting any more. Thanks to all the guys that put so much time in to making a lot of these games. It has been exciting picking them up and feeling that same excitement like when I was a kid and my dad would bring a game home for me and opening it up and playing it. Keep making them for those that enjoy them and know that you're probably giving some of them that same feeling. What I really like the most is the conversations I've had with many of the "homebrewers" over the years. I feel like I can just reach out to them to see how things are going without actually having to talk about the Intellivision. Special thanks to David and Joe who I've had a lot of conversations with and Roger who hasn't been on the scene in a long time but I'll still thank. I've gotten a lot of Intellivision insight and knowledge from you guys. As for me I'll stop with the 25 homebrews I currently. Original 125+25 homebrews = a nice round 150 for me. I'm sure this post will cause a little controversy and maybe it's meant to do so. But really it's just me posting what I feel. Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks for all the welcome backs. GO BRUINS (hockey Bruins, not College Bruins) Looks like I have some catching up to do. I'm sure it won't take me long to figure out exactly what I've missed and what I'll want to get.
  7. Good to see that some things never change on these boards. Good to see you Rev. haha
  8. Oh you mean like League of Light and Robot Rubble? Yep I have em. Not to mention the original Minehunter, Stonix, and about 20 others. As far as passing them along to you, sorry, ain't gonna happen
  9. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. It's been a long time since I've been on AA or have gotten any new INTV games. Seems like I've missed a number of homebrew games. I doubt I'll be picking any up though as the prices on them are a bit high. I can't remember the last one I got. I think it was when David released a bunch all at once and Deep Pockets and Choplifter were in the mix? You guys must be happy with all the recent releases though! As for me, I'll hold onto my money for now Hope everyone is well!
  10. Agreed with Fushek. I really don't want to add a game like that to my collection. To me it's just a case of some geeky guys (yea I said it...and I'm a geek too) trying to be funny but w/o social skills, they failed... flame on!
  11. Happy Cinco de Mayo then?
  12. Time is on my side - The Rolling Stones
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