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  1. If my memory serves me right, songbird productions was working on a new version of the Doom port with music and some other additions. I wonder if anyone could reach out and get to the bottom of this! lol...
  2. Sure - do you mean like keep the esthetics and overall feel of it just have the site more responsive to current resolutions and mobile devices? I'm so up for the challenge.
  3. Yes, I've been doing some serious catch up and am so happy to see all the development. It's really something! From RetroHQ's Game Drive , to the homebrews and ST ports, the pro controller replica - it's all really fascinating. I'd really LOVE to see a new game that pushes the Jaguar to its absolute limits. A bucket list (possible pipe dream) of mine would be to raise and fund development of a game that realizes the Atari Jaguar's absolute potential. But this is for another topic/discussion. None-the-less, it is great to be back!
  4. I wish! We only had a dozen or so left - they're gone w/ time..
  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading this thread - I'm happy to say that I'm the creator of Jaguar's Realm. This was the first website I ever made. So much nostalgia here! What a time capsule. Should I build a 21st century version of this site!? I think I will just because. I'm so happy you gusy stumbled on this. So many great memories. About me. Not that any of you asked.. I still work on websites. I designed and am the editor of www.fiatleak.com for all you cryptocurrency lovers. It's a very popular site in the crypto community I also produce a lot of music. My artist moniker is 'FANGS' www.fangsmusic.com - I've also scored and produced theme songs for TV such as the reality TV show Temptation Island. I can never shake my obsession with the Atari Jaguar. Thrilled that the community is still going strong!
  6. My worry is if I will even get a video signal from this. I got audio signal, no problem - I'm just wondering why my current converter wasn't able to get a video from the Jaguar yet it could on a cheap at games genesis console. None-the-less, I will give this retrotink 2x mini a try. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. If all else fails, I may have to go the S Video route. I'm wondering if there may be something wrong with my Jag but at the same time I get a signal if I plug the RCA directly to the TV. It just looks like *ss
  8. Yeah, I tried that - no luck. I tried the converter on a cheap 'atgames sega genesis' console and it worked. It has to be something w/ the video signal from the Jaguar. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ran into this issue as well. I just purchased a HD video converter on Amazon. It's a 'MINI AV2HDMI UP Scaler 1080P'. I connected my Atari Jaguar SCART / RCA cable to it. I get sound but no video. I've tried it on a Vizio TV and a Sceptre Monitor. Same issue with both. I get a blue screen saying 'no signal'. I don't have my Jaguar CD attached to my Jaguar. DO you think the upscaler is faulty or do I need to use a specific product to make this work. Thank you in advance to taking the time in reading this. PS - I ran an Atari Jaguar fansite back in the late 90's called 'The Jaguar's Realm'. It happens to still be up on Angelfire. I was mind blown haha
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