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  1. Hey, so I know I’m late to this thread lol but I’ve dug out my old iPad 2 and I would LOVE to try some of these games! I’ve got minotron 2112 but I can’t seem to find any others. Is there any way you could upload your ipa files of the games?
  2. Hey all! I’m a big fan of the nuon and like many others I’m looking for a controller so that I can finally play the games it has to offer! I’ve managed to acquire both remotes for my Samsung n-501 as well as my toshiba sd2300 units. However, it’s very difficult to enjoy playing the games with them. I’ve seen a few controllers on eBay but unfortunately (due to these trying times) I can not afford the exorbitant prices they are going for. Anyone have one for a reasonable price? thanks!
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