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  1. Thanks! Good chance id probably be interested in the entire box lol. I have about 36 games total out of the what 235 for us release. Here are some that I already have megaman, shining force, mk1-3, xmen, ax battler, battletoads, columns, chakan, cosmic spacehead, chessmaster, crystal warriors, defenders of oasis, ecco, dragon crystal, fatal fury, judge dredd, lemmings, lion king, power rangers, primal rage, shodown, shinobi 1-2, sonic 2, star wars, streets of rage, return of jedi, surf ninjas, t2 arcade, terminator, virtua fighter, xmen gamemasters
  2. Hello everyone: I'm looking for a lot of loose cart game gear games. Below are some of the heavy hitters i'm still looking for but i'm also in the market for common ones too! 1) CJ Elephant 2) Fantastic Dizzy Thanks again everyone!
  3. So, i've got the full US collection now, but my spiderman box that i currently have was originally cut to fit into a clam shell. So i'm looking for an authentic box. Or, any leads to where I may find one would be greatly helpful! Thanks again everyone.
  4. Hello: i currently have this title being shipped to me as a loose cart (only option i can find in the wild). So im either looking for cib copy of the game or the box and or manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks again,
  5. Hello everyone: im about to finish my 32x collection and im not wanting to spend 2k on a CIB version on ebay that seems rather high. So my hope is if any brave soul would mind offloading a loose cart to me id gladly pay that amount instead thanks again in advance, EDIT: so I actually got more than what i was looking for which is fantastic! But question for the community though. Ive got a boxed copy. But they stupidly cut the box to fit in a plastic sega black clam shell (it actually looks nice). Can i repair the original box by taping back together what they had cut? Or at this point display this boxed version proudly. It came with the original manual as well which is nice thoughts?
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