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  1. Hey Guys, I had a weird problem. I was switching cartridges to play Warlords so I switched to paddles. I tried to turn it back on and nothing. I thought it died. Put in my Hyperkin ranger and everything is fine. It’s working trusty paddle set. Anyone had this problem?
  2. Thanks I just sent him a message. I want to retire my 2600 to storage and only use the 7800. I find the Imagic games just don’t fit.
  3. I ordered one. I put the wrong address. Does anyone know how to contact them? I don’t see a contact us anyplace.
  4. I want to buy a portable retro console for camping and flying. It seems the Evercade is great but I can’t load my own roms on it and I’m not happy with their Atari selection. I know about the Flashback and the Blaze but they look cheap. Please give me your opinions.
  5. No Wizard of War with the AtariVox? It really blew me away and I wasn’t a fan of the arcade game in the 80’s. Also, if you liked Star Castle, the homebrew is hard as hell but fun. I did enjoy Galagon but it’s an accurate rendition of the arcade game.
  6. thanks to everyone. I’m going to give it one more try with the suggested tools. I can just solder a bridge to the capacitor?
  7. Thank you! I’m going to give it one more try. I will get a de solder bulb and take my time.
  8. Hi my fellow Atarians, Is there an adapter to make every 2600 cartridge fit in the 7800 slot? I seem to remember one being posted here before I got my 7800.
  9. Hi guys, I recently got two old very dirty Atari 2600's. One worked fine, the other did this strange thing where on most games the screen shows images cut in half. For some strange reason, Space Invaders worked fine. Anyways, I got a refresh kit from Console5. I had never done any soldering in my life but I watched many youtube videos and ordered a cheap kit from Amazon. Much to my surprise, soldering was easy, desoldering was really hard. I had to keep the iron directly on the old solder to get it to melt. In the process, I put noticable burn marks on the board and one of the circuit lines came up. I did replace the first capacitor but now I get nothing when I powered it up. I put the broken 2600 in storage regulating it simply as parts. I have three working 2600's and one 7800 so this made sense. However I would like to bring it back to life if possible. Did I kill this Atari or do you guys think I have a chance to make it run once again? Please give me your advice.
  10. Do all 2600’s use the same chip? This is a 4 switch woody.
  11. Sorry guys. Here’s some pics. Notice in Bezerk, a invisible robot is firing. Space invaders is perfect.
  12. I want to fix this Atari. It was working fine but suddenly it does this with some known working carts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. IMG_2766.MOV
  13. I got a beat up 2600 the other day. When you turn it on, the picture is a bit distorted then you get a high pitched sound and then nothing. It plays Space Invaders fine but other known working carts do the distorted screen and fade to a black screen. What could it be? What can I order from console5 to fix it?
  14. Thank you! I think I found a 7800 I can afford but no power supply. How hard is it to find these (the Colecovision I had it was expensive and hard to find) and are they expensive?
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