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  1. Hello everyone! I would just like to say that I have started work on a new homebrew game, which is a port of Wolfenstein 3D! I will share gameplay screenshots soon, but for now, here is the menu:
  2. Hello everyone. I have just started work on a new homebrew called "perry the panda". However, I have just found a game called "panky the panda" on the store page, which looks very similar to what I was going for. I am writing this to say I will NOT stop work on this game, but to remind people that I did not know "panky the panda" existed. So please know when it comes out that it is not a copy, as I had never heard of "panky the panda" before writing this. All the mechanics will be original, and I'm trying to go for more of a kung fu style thing (although I have never seen Kung Fu panda, which will not be my inspiration).
  3. Hello everyone. I have just finished my next homebrew game. The tile is "Darkest Dungeon". default.bas In the game, you must run around a cave as a monster chases you. Think of it as a better version of Maze Craze. I could not add a game over screen, so just try to last as long as you can play. I was heavily inspired by Deepstone Catacomb by Mick Muze, as you can see in the sprite art. I do hope to make an adventure game similar at some point, put I do not have the skills as of now. That's about it, enjoy!
  4. Rules for posting 1) Homebrew must not be inappropriate (no nudity, swearing, etc) I will allow blood however. 2) Homebrew does not have to be great, but should at least be playable. 3) Provide constructive criticism (Do not bully or harass anyone who uploads a bad or unplayable game. 4) Game must be playable through the STELLA emulator That's about all, I really do not care if you use VbB or the Atari Dev Studio addon (I use VbB personally)
  5. I will also be releasing a deluxe version at some point with a longer game and all the cut content added.
  6. Hello everyone. I have finished my second homebrew and would like to share it with you all. The game is called Maze Runner. default.bas.bin In the game you must escape the maze as fast as you can! You will also encounter electronic minigames on the walls and you must play them to escape. Once you make it to the exit door, pull the lever and the game will loop back to the menu screen. Cut content: minigames with moving sprites end screen (program error would not allow me) shooting things (you can still obtain a gun) That's about all, but watch out for pits!
  7. Hey guys! finished my first homebrew! it is not the ones you have seen before, as I have made a new one! It's called Maze Craze! in the game, you must avoid the enemy while hiding in corners. If the enemy touches you, its game over. You must then reset the file to play again. Maze Craze 4.bas
  8. hey everyone! just wanted to share that I have been making way more advanced games than the ones you see above (Cops N' Robbers, and Road Rage) as of this, I am no longer working on these games and have moved on to other projects. but I will still release the new projects and announce photos and descriptions soon, these games include a remake of Cops N' Robbers, Bag Er' up, Oh Nuts!, and Go Fish!, so stay tuned for those and sorry if you were excited for the other games. some I have not even started to work on, but will soon. I hope to finish them soon, so stay tuned, thank you everyone!
  9. Hey everyone! I would like to let you know, I now have an official club! It's called, the homebrew discussion! you should be able to join for free and hang out with the community, see you there!
  10. this is road rage. I have not programmed sprites yet. the goal of the game is to guide a chicken to the other side of the road moving up, as cars drive at him and get faster over time. dodge a car, and get a points bonus. this is Cops N' Robbers. I also have not programmed sprites yet. the goal of the game is to grab all the money bags sitting on the ledges before the slow moving criminals armed with weapons do. the finished games will be downloadable soon. I thought everyone would like to see some photos. hope you like them!
  11. hello everyone, I would like to inform you that I figured out how to add menu screens to my games. I will be releasing my 2 Homebrews including Cops N' Robbers, and Road Rage, for download. they should be finished soon, and i will upload photos of the games later on, they should be finished soon!
  12. so, I've been programming some games on visual bB, and I wanted to add a titlescreen in my game but could find no tutorials online nor any help from the tinkernut file. so does anyone know the code to switch between two playfields at the press of the fire button? please let me know.
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