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  1. ROS is 8.42c and using the DM1000 and Menu program included with that distribution.
  2. I was using DM1000 included on the ROS disk. I just tried it with DM2K and it reports 3198 free and 2 used. I'll try DSKU as well. Thanks for the help.
  3. I finally got all my parts in to complete one of my HRD4000 cards and for the most part it appears to be working correctly. This card is built as 2 meg card and I have a question about used sectors. I run the CFG program and load the ROS which loads up with no errors. I then go to format the disks and I can setup and format three large disks, two of 3200 sectors and the remaining one is 1784 sectors if I recall correctly. If I then go to a disk manager program and catalog the disks, it shows a number of used sectors on all three even though the disks are blank. The first and second 3200 sector disks show 2703 sectors free and 497 used while the smaller 1784 sector disk shows 1033 free and 751 used. I suspect this has something to do with the large size but I am not sure. Do I need to make more smaller drives?
  4. Anybody out there that could use this? It is a clip that snaps over a 64 pin IC like the TMS9900 and brings the pins out to a 64 pin header. Free to anyone who wants it. Just pay the shipping.
  5. https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/32k-sidecar-memory-expansion-KIT/p/81611057/category=28272181
  6. Before changing any internal parts, try cleaning the edge connector contacts. I had one that was not recognized and I cleaned the contacts with a pink pencil eraser and it works fine now.
  7. Family always takes priority and vacation is important for mental health so take care of those things. As I said, I am very interested in this project but i can certainly wait until you are ready.
  8. Any update on your progress? This is a very interesting project and I am hoping to purchase a PCB if/when you work out the bugs and hopefully offer the boards for sale.
  9. Just had this problem and someone suggested checking the indexing sensor on the drive. In my case the bracket holding the sensor had broken and the sensor moved out of position. I secured it back in place and it works fine now.
  10. Can you post a picture of the actual internal switch? I think I may have some switches that could be used as a replacement. I remember seeing a picture of one but the PEB's I have now are the newer toggle switch variety.
  11. I couldn't wait so I decided to have a look this evening and found that the mount for the index sensor was broken and the receiver part was out of position. The broken part was long gone so I was able to use some hot glue to mount it back in place and it works 100% now!! Thanks for all your help and suggestions. If anyone has a broken SA400L lying around I would buy the sensor mount from you.
  12. Thanks for that explanation. It does sound like the index sensor is the issue so I will check that out. Got roped into some "domestic" jobs today and probably tomorrow as well so I will let you all know what I find when I get to it.
  13. Good point. I'll check that out.
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