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  1. Family always takes priority and vacation is important for mental health so take care of those things. As I said, I am very interested in this project but i can certainly wait until you are ready.
  2. Any update on your progress? This is a very interesting project and I am hoping to purchase a PCB if/when you work out the bugs and hopefully offer the boards for sale.
  3. Just had this problem and someone suggested checking the indexing sensor on the drive. In my case the bracket holding the sensor had broken and the sensor moved out of position. I secured it back in place and it works fine now.
  4. Can you post a picture of the actual internal switch? I think I may have some switches that could be used as a replacement. I remember seeing a picture of one but the PEB's I have now are the newer toggle switch variety.
  5. I couldn't wait so I decided to have a look this evening and found that the mount for the index sensor was broken and the receiver part was out of position. The broken part was long gone so I was able to use some hot glue to mount it back in place and it works 100% now!! Thanks for all your help and suggestions. If anyone has a broken SA400L lying around I would buy the sensor mount from you.
  6. Thanks for that explanation. It does sound like the index sensor is the issue so I will check that out. Got roped into some "domestic" jobs today and probably tomorrow as well so I will let you all know what I find when I get to it.
  7. Good point. I'll check that out.
  8. Thanks. Just changed the one and only electrolytic cap on the drive and no change. I tried testing the drive speed with the peripheral test program and although the disk is obviously spinning, it reports 000 RPM. I again tried copying files to a formatted disk in that drive and no problems. I am not an electronics expert but formatting must utilize a different part of the circuit.
  9. I just picked up a loaded PEB with all the standard TI cards (32K, RS232 and Disk controller) along with the original TI floppy disk (Shugart SA400L). Everything works fine except the floppy drive will not format a disk. It will read disks, copy files and even copy a full disk but will not format. Just comes up with an error "Disk Error No disk". If I install another drive using the same cabling it works fine so the problem is in the drive however I am confused as to what the issue could be as the drive does write fine. ANy ideas?
  10. Just an update. The seller replaced my Finalgrom and it now works fine in the black and silver consoles I have.
  11. Just tried this with my QI console with the 1981 start screen and also with my QI V2.2 and in both cases the joystick up works with the Alpha lock on.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I contacted the seller and he has agreed to replace it again. Here's hoping it works this time.
  13. Thanks for the reply and yes I did rename them to update and did them one at a time.
  14. I have a FinalGROM cartridge I purchased earlier this year and it has never worked properly. When I first received the cartridge it was not recognized at all when plugged into the port. The only option was TI Basic. This was with the one TI-99 I had at the time, a beige unit with the 1981 startup screen. I have ten other cartridges (XB, TEII, and several TI and Atari games)and they all work fine in this computer. I tried changing the port connector and reloading the SD card with several different images but nothing worked. I contacted the seller and I returned the cartridge to him and he says he replaced it but I still had the same issues with the unit he claims was replaced. I then went out and found and purchased three other TI-99/4A computers. Two black and silver units and a V2.2 beige unit with the 1983 startup screen. The two black and silver units display the FinalGROM menus and work with many but not all of the program choices (this is with a PEB and TI 32K installed and running). The V2.2 beige unit displays the initial FinalGROM menu but choosing anything locks up the computer with a blue screen and three vertical lines. In all cases the LED on the FinalGROM never comes on nor do either of the reset buttons on the FinalGROM (TI reset or FG reset) work on any of the four computers. I tried to update the AVR and PLD files by copying the files to a blank SD card and powering on but no LED activity and no changes. I checked over the FinalGROM for solder issues but I don't see any problems. Any other suggestions I could try? I would really like to get this going but at this point I think there is an issue with the FinalGROM.
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