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  1. This is good information to know! Sounds to me like the Retroplayer that Nexus loaded is causing that. I think, but not entirely sure, that the retroplayer.afb9 is the one that gets loaded on the AFBX. I would try replacing that one with the stock AFBX retroplayer, but renamed to match the other one and see if that is indeed the cause. Better yet.... see the post below this one.
  2. Yeah I was under the impression that the retroplayer.ro.ini was backed up automatically when the command is ran, but when it wasn't doing that, i took another hard look at runcommand and I decided to put the retroplayer.bak in there manually, and it worked. Great Job on that btw! But I have an idea about custom bezels that I think would be better, and also gives us a bezel switch in the settings menu instead of the game menu. Now I don't know if it would be probable but, replacing the (1st slot) bezel00 address in retromenu to the custom bezel switch command which would turn custom bezels on and off. Just a thought I had...
  3. NEXUS runs on both the AFB9 and AFBX models and will auto detect which one is running.
  4. I managed to get it working by putting a retroplayer.bak file in rom/data. I was trying that before, but my dumbass was giving the files an ext of retroplayer.bk instead of retroplayer.bak. I can't believe I spent like 3 days on this. But in my defense, NEXUS didn't have that file in it's package. I thought that would be worth mentioning!
  5. I believe it is automatically done in the new NEXUS. Take a look in the emulator/runcommand file and you will see.
  6. I re-typed the line twice and now all I get both times is a empty retroplayer.ini in data folder. Also, I no longer get the command_err.txt either.
  7. @Draxxon Well I managed to get NEXUS working finally! It could have been 1 or 2 things, or both. First it was 2 corrupt downloads in which I didn't even get a startup.sh file in either. Also my thumb drive was formatted to fat32, but my partition layout was gpt and not mbr. So I have it running and I am enjoying what I have checked out so far! Stll having issues with bezel restore not working, but I keep getting the command.err.txt stating it was restore.
  8. Couldn't you just use NEXUS and choose "The Atari Flashback Nexus" shortcut to get back to the main game menu?
  9. So I erased my flash for the 3rd time and re-download NEXUS 5.1 and used 3 different 0.1.9 cfw's and still just keeps going back the game selection screen. Also I tried using versions NEXUS v3, v3.1, v4.4, and 5.1 and none of them seem to work, just going back to the game selection screen. Either my X Deluxe is corrupted somehow and won't run NEXUS, or I am just too stupid to figure this out. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY VERSION CONFIRMED RUNNING A X DELUXE? I really want to get more involved with NEXUS but I need it working! EDIT I even tried running it on 0.18 standard fw also and still didn't work.
  10. There were already 6000 satelites in space before Starlink even started and about 60% of them are defunct and pose a risk to planet earth. There is where the real problem lies...
  11. But I have no other choice unless I move and I don't want to. I already have paid the deposit, now just waiting for them to ship it. I have no issues with seeing stars where I live, in fact I can see the Milky Way filled with thousands of stars every night! That is just one reason I moved from the city (Detroit) life!
  12. It might have been a corrupted download. I will re-download NEXUS and try again now that my crappy internet re-upped this morning. What took 3 hours to download yesterday will only take a minute today. lol I cannot wait for Starlink!
  13. I have a issue with NEXUS not running on my X Deluxe. I have tried numerous times and all I get when I choose a game, is just going back the game selection screen. I have even made a plain vanilla cfw, but still no go. Even tried different thumb drives also. Anybody else having this issue with NEXUS on a X Deluxe unit? I think I narrowed it down to the runcommand file causing issues on my X Deluxe.
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