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  1. @Harry Potter For Stella, you don't like these colors on Stella, you can adjust palettes to match your likes Options > Video & Audio > Palettes. Palette: Standard, z26, and Custom. For TV effects, TV modes: RGB, S-Video, Composite, Bad Adjust, and Custom. Also for Audio, you need to adjust audio too... @Wizzard How fast or slow you can play these games Options > Emulation. Adjust emulation speed between 0 and 1000% (The default is 100%) Hope it helps..
  2. For path (Between 2 posts), you need to run all way from bottom to top without being blocked.
  3. it's almost same as Scrambled Word Games.. Like this game, help brain function... Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSvQ3NxK2Vk
  4. That's case, I upgraded to 6.4 from 6.1 which I did not check these settings.. thanks!
  5. Another prototype fails to success on Stella 6.5.1.. Can anyone success this binary attached here.. it runs perfectly on Stella 6.4 and below.. Elf Adventure (05-25-83) (Atari, Warren Robinett) (Prototype) ~.bin thanks DA4K
  6. More like it's one of many binay files (either A26 or Bin) from ZIP is causing Stella to crashed, try load 1 file at time until you find file which it cause stella stop working. Or unzip ZIP file into folder and try again..
  7. Newer version of Stella requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 or higher which it can be downloaded from Microsoft, Stella 6.5.3 already has files included in zip file. Hope that will answer yours..
  8. in end of run, the status still show 1.35 after I downloaded new binary..
  9. there is a hack of Berzerk, it's called Berzerk: Voice Voice Enhanced https://atariage.com/hack_page.php?SystemID=2600&SoftwareHackID=171 Another Berzerk from scratch called Frantic 2600 by Spiceware (Still in Work in Processing)
  10. I did test PAL of Alpha Beam prototype on Stella 3.5 thru 6.5.1, it works fine... file attached here Alpha Beam with Ernie (Alpha Beam) (Kid's Controller) (06-03-1983) (Atari - CCW, Michael Callahan, Preston Stuart) (CX26103) (Prototype) (PAL).bin
  11. might be bugs on either newer (starts with 5.0) version Stella or this ROM..
  12. Let @stephena know what's going on with between Stella and prototype ROM to solve the solution.
  13. I did test few versions of Stella on same computer (already backup newer Stella data before I lower version of Stella) to run this prototype until 5.0 which it stop working.. Kid's controllers set up as default... Possibly 5.0 and above Stella core might be changed... (?)
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