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  1. Yes.. it's vertical lines.... thanks.,
  2. Turn off TV effects in Stella, give it clear of Title screen.. (I using Stella 6.4) Before Turn TV Effects OFF (set it enable) After Turn TV Effects Off (Set it disable) What do you think about this...?
  3. I download and tried run this ROM until I noticed... this ROM is hacked.... game will be over too quick if you mess same item for few seconds.. see picture attached
  4. Confirmed I stick on left side too, still safe....
  5. One problem is randomize. this game is looking easy if you stay in same path pass between sea ice (logs).. ☺️
  6. First Q: Yes I playing on Stella.. Second Q: No, I quit after atariovox/savekey been written (Show UI message enabled in emulation setting). thanks for asking..
  7. Try one more game and enter incorrect words, see what happened with status now.. Total wins - 28 and loses - 1
  8. I saw Nathan Strum post above, I decide to reset status and do test few games then I noticed, there is a problem between games played and guess dist. I counted numbers of guess dist to 28 while Games played showed 29.
  9. Did you program it from 2003? which I found WIP of Sokoban from homebrews and hacks roms V1.2 in this forum.
  10. Just curious, can you re-locate status to center instead of left on screen? Still enjoy playing this... 😏
  11. Are you looking for this....?
  12. yes. played a lot of words. it's happened on one of word I entered (I don't remember which word is) went blank and hang up.. it did happen on both Javatari and Stella once @Thomas Jentzsch did you notice any while you play a lot of words yet.
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