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  1. Can you post a vid of the yamaha demo curt are those patch wires i am seeing purple boards look awesome
  2. Wow curt That board looks so cool I almost want a transparent xm case!!
  3. Simply a 7800 masterpiece sponsored by Edladdin controllers 😀
  4. Trouble is when we were all kids there were few distractions so if you were lucky to get a computer it was the center of your attention. How can you get a kid interested in building a game that moves a sprite around when they have VR on the PS4 for example....but there is a way. The hit game Celeste for example was not created by a huge team. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/celeste-switch/ The game was developed over a weekend at a hackathon and using a virtual console with a built in programming language called Pico-8 The built in language is Lua which is kinda like basic or at least as easy to learn The cool thing is you can load in games from the internet including the early version of Celeste then hit the escape key and wow you are now looking at the games source code. The fun does not end there....instead of coding a new game why not hack celeste...have your kid work out how to change her color...how to change how high she can jump etc. Very quickly your kid can see results which may hit the spark to think wow if I can modify this game can i learn enough to create my own... Check it out at https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php It is fun because you can get results quickly. There is a similar thing called smilebasic on Nintendo DS and Switch - https://nintendosoup.com/puchikon4-smilebasic-updated-on-switch/ I honestly think Pico-8 could be used to test game concepts prior to coding them up on Batari basic for example.
  5. Thank you. Just like the 10 line idea, different language but fun to try same thing in Forth...can you write something fun in 10 lines of say 80 chars. Nothing like limited resources to get you thinking more
  6. Can I ask how many chars can a single line of TI Basic, xb etc contain
  7. I would also like to see rapper on the 7800 anbx saw this article http://www.kmjn.org/notes/tapper_videogame_patent.html
  8. Transaction was perfect Joystick was awesome Robotron experience with twin sticks....wow.... you will not regret the purchase
  9. Whoa what!!! After just getting to level 4 you turn it into a speedrun!!! You are just cruel Rasmus...just cruel!!!
  10. I got to level 3 with a score of 7446 The music is perfect, a bouncy tune for a bouncy game this game has the perfect combination of a fun theme and also a just one more go pull it has that fun frustration of getting so close you just have to try again! nice work and level 4 will be miine...oh yes it will be mine :-)
  11. Only just spotted this fbForth 2.0: A File-Based Cartridge Implementation of TI Forth Paperback – August 20, 2017 Source: https://www.amazon.com/fbForth-2-0-File-Based-Cartridge-Implementation/dp/1973932679/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1534126695&sr=1-1&keywords=lee+stewart
  12. Seemed to have spent quite a few happy hours on the Atari 7800 with an Edladdin Dual controller -wow Suprise of the weekend was Water Ski - wow i sunk some time into this one and got to thinking a remake would be cool with dual joysticks, one for the boat and one for the skier Either way a fun game but not easy. Robotron - of course, what the Edladdin was made for - finally broke my level 10 nemesis and got to level 22! - woohoo!!! Winter games - still like the biathlon event and trying to shoot the targets Naturally had to play scramble for the 7800 and finally on the 2600 side Stay Frosty2 Thrust Juno first WOW what an awesome console!!!
  13. One word quality I am not the guy who spends time and dollars buying expensive joysticks but as a long time Robotron fan an edladdin dual controller was on the cards I liked that I could customize button colors etc and get that real arcade feel. I would buy another Edladdin product without hesitation. Robotron on 7800 with edladdin is simply awesome. Yes they are not cheap but it enhances the gameplay so well it is worth the dollars spent.
  14. Re RC 1-8 I am seeing many occurrences of bullets going straight through enemies playing on latest class 99 game is excellent
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