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  1. Sounds to me like a wise and balanced strategy that is aimed at long term survival with chances of great succes but not as the ultimate goal. I like what I read, especially if it is really true that they listen to the fans. I guess the near future should prove that.
  2. The emulator is there to run the 7800 games you can buy in the store. I don't think you can do anything else with it.
  3. Sydney, and made twice the mistake to restart a level I already finished by entering the wrong door. But it is a great game, very addictive.
  4. I feel really sorry for the users who experience this. Here in the Netherlands I must say everything works fine. Looks like server capacity issues, they really must do something about it if they want to keep the momentum going. (Well at least I think the VCS is doing not so bad with new content on a regular base). Might be not such a bad idea to try the update around midnight if you are not from Europe.
  5. Well there are also a few mediocre to good games for the Jaguar. I own a Jaguar plus the CD drive, but if I could play these games and a few I don't own yet because they are so expensive and/or rare for the original Jaguar, I would definitely buy them on the VCS and play them, and now with a better controller.
  6. Yes I agree with most written here, this game takes you back in time and at the same time offers the joys of today by using a modern controller and a large screen to play it on. Really like it so far, playing it on the VCS is what makes it really retro cool. We need more of these games on the VCS.
  7. Hi Paul, are you aware that the stick of the controller can rotate? Works great with Tempest.
  8. Would like to, how do you play it? Through steam or something like that?
  9. Wel that is what I would think too, but today I connected the ethernet cable and worked just fine. No, not in 4K mode.
  10. I downloaded the free demo, really like it so far, but I experience a lot of lag, slow screen build up which makes it unplayable. First time I experienced this I blamed it on a download I was doing in parallel, but yesterday that was not the case and it still was unplayable. I will try by connecting a network cable but could it be wifi related?
  11. In the end I am happy to own a new Atari, I am even excited when it gets an update. It is alive! And the thing I like is that now when people ask what is that cool looking console under your TV, I can give them a history lesson. And all are impressed.
  12. My controllers only work when connected with USB, but than I can enter and I love this concept. More good games than expected. Great fun, especially the challenges.
  13. Yes, the stick can rotate 360 degrees. Really nice feature.
  14. To reply on the topic title. I love my new VCS. For me, I am just proud to see Atari survive and see a new product after the Jaguar, which of course, I also love. It is hard for me to understand the haters. I am just happy to play the old games on a decent TV with a fabulous controller, and I am just waiting for more to come. And in the mean time I will still use my older hardware. The discussion about the sacred Atari name and that the new VCS is not the same, I understand the emotions but I am just proud a new generation gets to know the past via the VCS
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