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  1. Does the 3DO use the same data signals spec as Philips CD-I outlined in these docs?
  2. My custom SNES to 3DO adapter works fine with all games booted from the USB Host. It just does not work with the main boot screen of the USB Host with any SNES controller. But with the 8BitDo, maybe my question was unclear. It is unrelated to the USB Host.. I am interested in knowing if the 8BitDo SNES receivers work with the 3DZero in general. I just bought one so I will figure it out for myself soon enough.
  3. You would think so but it does not work correctly with the SNES to 3DO adapter I have. (custom built) Just like the tank game, my SNES adapter does not work with the USB Host's menu screen. I was curious to see if this is common across all SNES controller adapters for 3DO.
  4. This device is what is called an optical disc emulator. It basically replaces the CD drive in the console with a custom board that has a single USB port. You can then have backups of all your games on a single USB drive plugged into this board. When you boot it gives you a menu to select which game iso to boot.
  5. So weird I can't find those lines anywhere in the repository.
  6. Where did you find that? Not trying to take credit for original creation. Microchip Studio probably automatically added that.
  7. IT LIVES!! Over the weekend I was able to get @candle's SNES-to-3DO circuit design running and it works great for the most part. I have to say I much rather use a SNES controller on 3DO now that I have had a taste of it. I have consolidated all my findings into a GitHub repo and created some issues if anyone else is interested in contributing: https://github.com/RobertDaleSmith/SNES23DO
  8. @tripletopper have you ever tried one of 8BitDo's wireless SNES adapters with the 3DZero?
  9. http://3do-renovation.ru/USB_Host_for_GDO101.htm
  10. @tripletopper, I am super curious if the 3D Zero works with MNEMO's USB Host mod for 3DO. Do you happen to have this as a part of your setup?
  11. Nice! I got mine working! I didn't see an option for 20mhz on the AVR fuse calculator website. I went with Ext. Crystal Osc.; Frequency 8.0- MHz; Start-up time: 14 CK + 0 ms; [CKSEL=1110 SUT=10]. Just out of curiosity I went back to the 8mhz crystal and it also works. While testing I found a few bugs I will need to debug. - MNEMO's USB Host mod only receives single axis directional inputs. - 8BitDo Wireless Receiver incorrectly maps buttons start/pause action on several. @candle you mentioned some 22pF caps parallel to the crystal.. Are these in these recent photos you posted? I'm not sure how to place these caps in "parallel". (sorry im a newb) Also are these BOJACK 0.1uF caps suitable for the C1 in the schematic? Now my next steps are to figure out how to compile this assembly code myself so that I can start debugging and updating it. 🙏🙏
  12. Here is how I have my prototype wired up. I made sure to take the 0R resistors and the crystal out. I have tried numerous different fuse configurations but just can't seem to get this working this evening.
  13. I reset to defaults except for CKDIV8 not enabled. Still nothing, but I did notice if I enable CKOUT I get random directional controller input (without actually pressing buttons). I'm going to double check my wiring but I'm pretty sure I got everything connected correctly. Does CKOUT need to be enabled?
  14. @candle I got all the components and assembled on a breadboard over the weekend. Having some trouble though getting it to work. I flashed the chip with your hex file, I didn't connect the zero-resistors on clock/ps lines, and added a 8mhz crystal between pins 4/5 and setup CKSEL to 1110. I am suspecting it may be a fuse configuration issue. Do you happen to remember or know how to calculate correct fuse config? I used engbedded.com/fusecalc to generate: avrdude -c usbtiny -p attiny2313 -v -U lfuse:w:0x3e:m -U hfuse:w:0xdf:m -U efuse:w:0xff:m Thanks again for sharing your assets to allow me to rebuild this. 🙏
  15. @candle This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing the code. You wouldn't happen to have any copies of those PDFs you previously posted? I really want to learn how to build this. 🙏
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