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  1. Hey, it’s handy! Those Jag games can get pricey... or did you mean the transparent plastic XD
  2. Need to quickly move out of my parents house and these are sadly among the assets being liquidated. Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal preferred payment methods. You will have to pay shipping because I do not have any money 😘 Both less than a year removed from being new and have been stored in a cool, dry, dark box. Covid stimulus impulse purchase liquidation sale, offer me an amount you think would be fair & can afford- if you do, it is yours. Jaguar Cart has 8 games, most of them are good and it can be re-programmed to your favorites if you have the know-how. Everdrive is an Everdrive. What you see is what you will get.
  3. Whoa! What the heck is that for???
  4. If you’re not opposed to trusting a stranger on the internet, I have a spare that I’d be happy to let go to a good home, for however much you can pay and ship it for.
  5. I’ve had this absolute unit for about ten years now, believe it or not but I got everything pictured and more for 40$ from a dude with no arms and legs having a garage sale out of his mobile home in Clearwater, Florida. Damned good times!
  6. Looks like fun, I am also not on Facebook but would like to participate. “No purchase necessary” being traditional in American contest fare, I think it would be reasonable but if not that’s okay.
  7. Oh something like that would be perfect for when we wake up in the morning and have something on while we hang out waking up together
  8. Fascinating! Thank you so much ♥️
  9. Update: I did take her to the store to look at the unit but she was not feeling well and wasn’t really impressed/focused on what I was saying. I was gonna load up some ROMs for her to try, thinking of including Ladybug, the Cabbage Patch kid game and maybe one other that’s easy to pick up and play. Taking suggestions! I’ll post a reply here if I make any progress that way.
  10. I know of one nearby that I could acquire, did you have a price in mind or should I let you know?
  11. I might have this with my ST at my parents’ house, leaving post so I remember to check whenever I go next.
  12. I am looking at an original console just because there is one near me, and we’ve talked about going in halfsies on consoles before. She likes games that tickles her brains, so lots of sim games and puzzlers but if there’s a platformer like Braid for example that can scratch the noggin she enjoys it whatever the genre may be.
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