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  1. It was directed against me. He apparently got upset with me when I reported his reply to him for gratuitous profanity. He then quoted my private communication right here in the board with a reply of “yes” the size of the “sad” you see above. Then he deleted that and my reply requesting account deletion. I didn’t and don’t see the point in all that drama, but since he’s a mod and I’m just a yo-yo it looks like I’m the one who will have to leave. If anyone can advise me on how to delete my account here on AA I’d appreciate it. See you around the galaxy!
  2. It’s a tough call, but of the three Imagic titles presented I think I’d like to see Microsurgeon first. Then Beauty and the Beast, then Demon Attack. But I’ll be frank and say flat out I’ll take them in any order they come out!
  3. I’d like to see Utopia, Star Strike, Sub Battle, B-17 Bomber with big art on a t-shirt. Utopia would be my first choice if I had to pick one.
  4. May I make an observation? Wouldn’t it be fair to say, in the case of phone apps at least, much of this result is driven by availability versus desire. I may want chocolate cake, for example, but if all I can get is lemon cake then lemon cake is what I’ll get. Some cake being better than no cake at all. With apps, it always seem to me game makers found a way to make more money and cashed in on it. Once one started, they all jumped on the bandwagon. It’s difficult to find apps now that don’t have some kind of in- app purchases.
  5. I used to play a PC strategy game called “Capture The Flag.” It had all the best elements of strategy war games without the killing. Based on that team sport game of the same name, each player would have men who have different strengths. Some were fast, somewhere sneaky, and if you were good at fighting. Terrain type affected movement rate and concealment. Players would deploy their men and begin searching for the pressing side’s flag. When two opposing figures were within a certain amount of space from each other, there would be a cartoon-like scuffle until one emerged the winner. It’s apparently abandonware now, but I think this game, or one very much like it, would be a lot of fun on the entire vision. The game had an AI so you could play solo, but it was most fun against other organics. https://www.mobygames.com/game/capture-the-flag
  6. I saw it on Reddit, where it was apparently quoted from a YouTube video in which couple of guys were bagging on the Amico. To be frank? These days it’s difficult to separate legitimate criticism from people simply slamming a product for more YouTube (or other social media) likes. Maybe these guys have a legitimate concern, but I don’t see that they do. One way or the other, I tend to stay out of discussions like that.
  7. Sorry! Like I said, I was just trying to understand the gentleman’s criticism. I meant no offense to anyone here. I’m a fan of Amico and didn’t see or hear anything to concern me about the hardware or software release.
  8. That is a good question. My take? I figured it was a beta version for demo purpose, one that has yet to be fine-tuned to take advantage of Amico’s architecture and hardware. YMMV
  9. I’m not sure what those guys are criticizing, and I hope nobody minds if I ask a couple of questions about it. I’m just seeking to understand what the criticism is, even if it isn’t valid; because everyone seems to know what they’re talking about except me. 10 frames of lag: what the heck does this mean? Contextually it’s something bad, and I gather it means 10 frames of lag between activating the directional control and your endgame avatar actually moving. But I’m not certain and I’d love an explanation. Inverted controls: this was the other thing I wanted to ask about. They act like inverted controls is a bad thing, but I thought that was the whole idea behind Amico’s unique control system which based on that of Mattel’s Intellivision unit. Why would inverted controls be something bad to these guys? Let me repeat this is merely a request for information. I don’t buy into these guys’ criticism, I’m just seeking to understand it. Edit to add: OK, I received a reply over on Reddit to the same questions. You have the idea correct on lag. Basically it will feel sluggish and not very responsive. Lag like that will make it very hard to play any game that requires some type of skill. The controller was inverted to probably hide the lag. So that when he pushed the buttons back and forth quickly, it wasn't as noticeable that the fox was super sluggish. It really is concerning either way that this would be deliberately done and bragged about.
  10. Or an old favorite table of mine from the PC: Crystal Caliburn by Little Wing.
  11. Those elements seem cartoonish enough to not warrant intense scrutiny IMHO.
  12. In part, yes. I’ve been wanting to see an upgrade of this title for a while. I was always afraid someone would take it and change it so much it would be unrecognizable. And the original, for all its graphic and gameplay simplicity, was a pretty fun game. Amico, Tommy, and the crew all seem to have a pretty deft touch when it comes to bringing us updated versions of the games wet love.
  13. What about “Rescue on Fractalus”? I know this wasn’t an Intellivision title but it seems Amico will have the brainpower to run it and it is period appropriate. It’s a fun title.
  14. Take all the time you need to get a quality product in our hands @Tommy Tallarico. I know this is your goal, we are all onboard with that. That said? I can’t wait to get my hands on Amico!
  15. I know I’m the new guy here, but here’s my 2¢ ... I’d like to see any game releases be identical, and I’m okay with differing price points for download versus physical media. I’ll be the first to point out I know little about marketing and sales, so I’m okay with whatever TT and the crew decides. I just wanted to express my opinion.
  16. Thanks for the tip. As an owner of the original Intellivision (with voice pak), I can hardly wait until the Amico gets released!
  17. My apologies. I hope nobody minds me bringing them up again. I’m reading through the old posts but there’s a lot of material to cover. I’ll try and be more careful when I post next time.
  18. @Tommy Tallarico ... you’ve announced several of my favorites, but here are a few I’d love to see that haven’t been (or I’ve missed it if you have) mentioned. Dark Tower Thunder Castle Golf (especially this one)
  19. Somebody set us up the sequel ... (AYBABTU reference)
  20. I loved the new Astro Smash demo, Tommy. Thanks for sharing that.
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