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  1. I will wait to see if there will be a cool European or American edition too, but i can see myself with one of the Japanese Mai Shiranui 💞 packs of KOF XV
  2. Holly s**t, that awesome artist is on a roll!
  3. I might be remembering this wrong, I think it has a very limited layer that is mainly used to show the UI of games (score, life's, etc.), but the game graphics (sprites, bg layers, pictures) are wholly created using sprites. The point of this is for one that the NG can put on screen a massive (for the time) number of sprites (kind of like "we do it this way because we can!") and more importantly, the sprites are kind of weird, they can only have 16 pixels of wide, but can be up to like 2 or 3 screens of tall (512 pixels or something like that) and then the secret sauce, the way the NG can chain multiple sprites together like if it were 1 massive single sprite... or a BG layer, so an actual NG screen is created by a bunch of thin vertical stripes (sprites) stitched together, some are for creating the BG layers and some on top for the "usual" sprites.
  4. I think it's pretty good, it's mostly more of the same which is what I would ask of such a superb game... just with polygons and a different characters designer. It also includes the original arcade game AND the Sega Saturn anime intro (just that, not the extra character and the other extras of the Saturn version). Wow, that's what I call a master piece!. It projects such a deep message, that it's hard to get all the little nuances... you have to wonder what were going on in the artist mind when creating it! 😅
  5. Twinklestar Sprites : La Petite Princesse was pretty good actually!. Too bad the series went nowhere 😩, I think the original game is among the best NG games. They tried to do other things for DS, PSP, PS2... But it seems they weren't particularly successful. Maybe with the latest change of hands they can get some extra funding and produce something else aside of KOF, MS and SS... something like SNK Heroines 2! 😅😅😅
  6. I can't point you to a link but i'm 100% sure of this point, I think it was Falcoon (artist, graphic designer and producer of the Maximum Impact games) who said as much in an interview, it was something along the lines of (not actual words): "When is SNK going to do a new Fatal Fury or something not KOF?" "Falcoon: Oh, but Maximum Impact is actually a Fatal Fury game!" Which make a lot of sense taking in consideration that there were no team rules (3 vs 3) until the third game, the whole story is pretty much a retelling of the original FF story with new characters (baddy, Duke, kills the foster father of 2 orphans, Alba and Soiree... and these decide to take revenge), everything happen in good old South Town, some if not all the Fatal Fury tournaments are in fact KOF tournaments so calling the games KOF is not out of place (and KOF is way more popular than FF)... The MI impact games are quite rough but waaaaaaaaaay better than anything 3D from SNK prior to the MI games and after (which is not saying a lot) until KOF XIV , but i personally loved them... specially the second one has a lot of content.
  7. I can be totally wrong but as I understand, for the 15th anniversary of Fatal Fury, the company G-Mode and SNK made a deal, G-Mode produced the game "Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) vs Fighter History Dynamite " for mobile and SNK added Mizoguchi to KOF MI2 Regulation A (even if the Maximum impact games are called KOF, they are actually Fatal Fury games).
  8. Hard to say what kind of changes if any this new CEO will bring... personally i like the company as is, doing their things their own way... which hasn't been particularly successful so far for SNK but it's the way i love the company! 😅😅😅
  9. It makes all the sense in the world... but i have to say that it bothered me to no end too the lack of any personality in the game (just 2 winning animation (normal and time over), no introduction, it's missing half the special attacks...), just "Get in the ring!" 😅😅😅... It was specially shocking after coming from the awesome Real Bout Special.
  10. I guess that with the delay of KOF XV to 2022, SNK´s plan to show characters weekly has been altered...
  11. Oh, those looks gorgeous in the blister box!. I have a couple of these acrylic stands and they just came in a transparent bag 😓
  12. All the NGP are supposed tio be clicky, but it sounds a bit less than the NG sticks and NGCD pads. Maybe this can help you a bit, sadly i don't have the latest model of the NGPC so i couldn't show it...
  13. It´s not like they show a lot (or anything really) of the books NeoGeo Legends and SNK Legends... but they look really promising. I will be preordering them as soon as it's possible!
  14. It's looking good (it's missing the charm of the good old sprites, but those days are not coming back )... i guess it's a bit more like the NeoGeo Pocket games than the arcades with a bit of metroidvania, maybe?
  15. Fighting Legends for PS4 has been finally released after many delays, it comes with the Art of Fighting and Real Bout collections and KOF 97 Global Match. The games has been available digitally for a long while and I think Limited Run Games released each collection individually so it's not exactly something new, but here they all comes together in a nice package!. There are 2 editions, just the games and the one in the pictures with a cool big box, a music CD and a Data Book... which just kinds of give a brief description of all the characters... Aside of the box, I'm not exactly sure the extras are worth the extra cost over the normal edition.
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