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  1. I don't suppose there's any chance of Avery's movie player being ported to work with SIDE3? I'd love to give it a go.
  2. Last time I set up SIDE2 under Altirra I just used the standard ROM image. https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/side/
  3. Is that an Atari 400 in the first shot? I assume this is the history of your setup? I love the XL series for features, but damn an original 800 is a nice looking machine. Every time I get a new retro computer and my cousin finds out about it, the first thing she asks is 'will it play Ghostbusters'? I love how you've got shots of the system evolving.
  4. You know what's really funny about that? I've owned that joystick since I was in high school, I swapped it for something off a school mate, and I always hated it - It was unresponsive and just bloody awful, I understand why my mate was so keen to swap it. Anyway, I've had it for probably 30 years now and just put up with the fact it sucked until a couple of months ago when I decided to buff the contact pads inside the unit as well as the steel shaft that forms part of the contact mechanism - I also cleaned and buffed the steel contact washers under the fire buttons... ...What a difference! Furthermore, the contacts looked fine, I was sure what I did would achieve nothing. It's now the best joystick I've ever used, and to think I was about 1 day away from lobbing it in the bin!
  5. Ugh. I hate it when retro enthusiasts run 4:3 resolutions in 16:9 mode. The only reason why it was like that in the first place was just because I wanted to get everything running first.
  6. I plan on getting Sophia 2 eventually, but the IQ from this 600XL is good enough that I'm more than happy to wait until stocks of Sophia 2 build up a little higher. Bear in mind that image is in 16:9 mode, I now run 4:3 mode for a more natural looking image.
  7. I like to post solutions to problems. Nothing worse than Googling a problem and going through an entire thread to find the solution, only to find the OP simply stated "All fixed"... Cheers Jan.
  8. And, after finding a suitable R: Handler, ICE-T works perfectly! Sorry the picture's is a little blurred/soft - Low lighting.
  9. And just like that we have FujiNet-PC and my little 600XL is online! Yes, I will trim the heatshrink around the USB lead... We have connection: Quality SIO plug supplied by Lotharek: Southern Amis at 19.2k! FujiNet configuration screen: Dummy addresses as I'm connected via my Raspberry Pi400: And the TNFS server running with the FujiNet web GUI in the background: Now I feel like I have a complete system, very happy with my little 600XL.
  10. It's easy to think in this day and age "Well how could such a miscommunication happen". But when you consider the methods of communication available back then, as well as the added pressure of deadlines, you can sort of see how it happened. Yes, some variant of electronic mail did exist, but it wasn't widely used.
  11. It's all good, with the help of phigan I worked out the missing library and everything runs perfectly! In the future, for anyone facing the same issue, you need to install libbsd-dev. So thee command in terminal is: sudo apt install libbsd-dev This is so cool. Thanks apc for the tip regarding the serial configuration.
  12. I'm also getting the same error on my main x86/64 KDE Neon PC:
  13. Jan, I'm having trouble at the cmake --build . stage. See error below: Can you make anything of this?
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