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  1. The C64 has very versatile memory management. You can bank almost the whole 64k free with a tiny amount of space left for I/O, and the low level DOS is stored in the disk drive itself. Due to the fact most games were coded in assembly, it made the C64 a very capable machine - Especially considering it's sprite hardware and color memory. I'm a bit of a Mayhem In Monsterland fan myself.
  2. It wasn't just the 6510 that made it possible, the 6510 just had the additional control lines necessary to communicate with the PLA to act as a latch. The PLA was also available via the expansion (cartridge) port, making for some interesting and extremely useful memory configurations available to external hardware.
  3. The Commodore 64, due to the fact it used the 6510, had very versatile memory management; with a number of differing memory maps available to the user depending on usage. For example, the entire memory map could be banked of all shadow ROM's making almost the full 64k available to the end user with the exception of some I/O (so to answer your question, some space had to be reserved for I/O to be banked back in when using this map) - Furthermore, the low level DOS was contained within the drive itself, so the kernel could be banked out completely. This is the memory map most developers used when programming in assembly as there was very little ROM overhead with calls made direct to metal. It's the reason why the Commodore 64 is such a capable machine with 'only' 64k of memory. Looking at the programmers reference guide, it looks like there was about eight memory maps available.
  4. SIDE3 as my PBI based HDD with a home made SIO2PC cable connected to my Pi400 running RespeQt at divisor 0. I also run FujiNet-PC on the same Pi400, but TBH I only use FujiNet for it's modem functionality.
  5. Welcome! My first computer was a Vic-20. The funny thing is I can remember having Gorf, but I can't remember playing it - I can't even remember what it was about! There's some awesome stuff available for the A8 now, enjoy your stay.
  6. I bloody loved Berserk on the 2600 as a kid.
  7. I updated to SDX 4.49g today. I will say I was most impressed when I switched into CON 80 mode and tested ED with my config.sys file and ED opened in it's own window in front of the CLI! Normally when I try to use ED in CON 80 mode the system crashes. Outstanding job to those involved.
  8. The SD2IEC is literally a modern implementation of the CMD-HD series of drives, the SD2IEC even supports identical partitioning and the same extended JiffyDOS command set. Like the SD2IEC, the CMD-HD never even tried to emulate a cycle accurate 1541.
  9. I've got a Comsol USB power supply with one 2.4A USB outlet and one 1A outlet, it powers my 600XL with SIDE3/U1MB and Sophia2 not a problem in the world. I use the 1A outlet to power my WiModem232.
  10. That definitely looks like a Datasette connector, but it's female so it can't adapt any Datasette I've ever seen to the Atari. It almost looks like it was designed to connect a C64 to an A8 via the C64's Datasette port, perhaps a way to transfer data between machines in the day?
  11. I'll be buying one of these when it's finally released for sure, the 16 colour 80 columns as it's own hardware graphics mode is fantastic.
  12. I'm really getting into this game, it's got a pumping soundtrack! I haven't played Scramble since I first saw it on the BBC micro's in the computer labs at high school. This version is definitely a little better, although I'll always have a soft spot for the original.
  13. I've been playing this on my C64 using the 1541 UII+ REU as well as 1581 emulation complete with JiffyDOS - It's simply brilliant! Being able to load the .D81 at JiffyDOS speeds directly into the REU is fantastic as it's so much faster. I haven't tried loading the game off the SD2IEC, however a real or emulated 1581 with JiffyDOS is as fast as the SD2IEC anyway and I'm not too sure if the game is SD2IEC compatible. Hat's off to the developers. It's great to see the REU finally being used to it's maximum potential, the scrolling in eight directions is just so smooth.
  14. Even via svideo on my 600XL I get the right color output running ACP, it looks identical to Sophia 2. You shouldn't have that white/black crush at both ends of the spectrum. EDIT: This is ACP via svideo on my 600XL:
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