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  1. My controllers are wired directly to components, no PCBs.
  2. I'm planning to offer a deluxe version with Sanwa buttons and a different joystick with custom springs, but I haven't worked out pricing yet. It is often difficult to source those buttons, as they seem to sell out quickly. For a controller with Sanwa buttons and a basic joystick, possibly $110 shipped within the US. I have ordered parts for another run of 50 basic controllers. After those are complete, I think I'll start offering the deluxe version, most likely next year.
  3. I make versions with both button layouts. The main reason for the 4-3-2-1 button order is it's more comfortable for me on shooter games like Minestorm. The downside to this is confusing yourself on other games where the button order relates to what's on the screen. Most people prefer the original 1-2-3-4 button order (about 8:1 or more).
  4. Hey, I'm glad you got a chance to try it out! I only sent him the enclosure with overlay, he installed his own buttons and joystick. The turbo-fire edition is likely a year out, or so, since I'm still trying to fill pre-orders for the standard controller. I'll put you on the pre-order list, that way you'll stay in the loop.
  5. Unfortunately one of the parts I need to order is sold out. I'm looking for alternatives. My goal is still to get 50 done by end of summer.
  6. The first batch of 9 GDE Vectrex controllers is complete! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, giving me the confidence boost to make this project happen! I'll be ordering parts to start a batch of 25 in the coming weeks. For anyone interested, I am still adding to the pre-order list, however, it is getting pretty long. Also, for future rounds, the price will be $80 shipped within the US. Shipping costs were higher than I anticipated in the first round. Two other news updates: 1)I'm looking into starting to use genuine Sanwa buttons. These are more expensive, but a lot of people seem to be willing to pay the premium for them. 2)My next endeavor is going to be autofire (or turbofire) controllers. These will also be a more expensive version. More news to come!
  7. I've got you down for 2, thanks!
  8. Hi mr.bill, I put you on the list. With the buttons reversed, you're able to use your index finger on button 4 while still having a finger on all the other buttons. IMO this works well for rapid-fire games like Minestorm. Also, these will be assembled with crimp terminals on the buttons, so if you'd like to switch the button order you just have to unscrew the case and pull the terminals off the buttons and switch them around.
  9. Are you left-handed? I'm left-handed, and I always wished I could find one set up that way, that's why I ask. Um, I could definitely make one that way if you don't need a decal. If you want a matching decal, it would take me a little longer and cost a little more.
  10. I'm making progress on the first run of controllers.
  11. I put you down for 1 with the GCE logo for now. I can design an MB decal, but since you're the only one who's asked about that so far I couldn't sweep that extra design time/cost under the rug. I may do an MB or Bandai run in the future if more ppl show interest, and at that point they would be the same cost.
  12. They are the same buttons I've been using since the beginning. I looked back and they do look taller in the older photo, maybe it's the angle of the picture? I put you down for one, thanks!
  13. Alberto123, it looks like shipping via DHL could be around $20-30, depending on where in Europe you're located. So total would be around $180 for two. Let me know.
  14. Jeff31, I added you to the list. Let me know if you decide on 1 vs 2. I've got about 6 more available before I have to consider doing a 3rd run of these, which I may or may not do.
  15. Just to bring an update on this project, the first prototype is constructed and works great! If anyone is interested in pre-ordering let me know, I'll put you on the list.
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