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  1. Indeed you are right, my mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. There is still the notion of difficulty increase in Mickey&Donald. Still wondering if anyone saw data tables about his in the disassembly. f.
  2. Hello! I am very interested in this topic. I have been studying gameplay difficulty curves for a while and the ones in game & watch games are pretty awesome. When I opened my precious Mickey a while back, I indeed saw only one chip. It's cool that you went into a lot more details. Did you manage to see how the 'waves' in Mickey are timed? They start with one egg, then 2 etc then reset at 100 I believe and more eggs start to come and speed up. Did you see this in the code? I would love to study this. If you have a disassembler I would love to look at that code (I'm a z80 msx guy but I have done GB, Amiga, Genesis...). Cheers! Fred.
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