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  1. andreaspv


    great job! very good developer
  2. andreaspv


    the question seems silly .. but I just made the MOD to an atari 5200 to have the composite AV video output and I have to convert the TV signal from NTSC to PAL .... I see that many games for sale, you can buy "rightly" in PAL or NTSC .. this, strangely, is "dual video system"?
  3. andreaspv


    hi everyone, I need information. I want to buy BEEF DROP for atari 7800. I use the PAL system in Italy. I read in the notes that it works on pal and ntsc. But do you select power-up mode or how does it work? you can help me? thanks https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1200
  4. reading your comment, I must say that a little bit is right. I hadn't thought about piracy, as I imagine that those who buy Atari, like me, love to have, see and touch the little houses ... in addition to all the "rest" .. maybe then it would be more correct to collect for those who decide to create a game..
  5. I kindly reply .. some time ago I started a project on another platform, they asked me, I started and made it public for free. So it's a simple request. Why don't developers earn anything if they sell a game?
  6. when will be available to buy?
  7. yes, sure it could be a great version .. hopefully!
  8. thank you... i m tried to put in list most famous arcade (and simple in graphic... to have possibility to someone can port them)
  9. :)))) seriously if they made gyruss for atari 5200 .. it's just a matter of finding who has the time / passion / or produces the cartridge for sale
  10. i upload a new video of gyruss... some days ago.. RETROPIE THEME is my creation for CRT and HDMI monitor...
  11. I see that there are guys who are very good at programming .. this is the reason for my topic ... as an atari fan (I own all A2600, A5200, A7800) I would like to see some famous ports that are missing .. for Atari 5200 Gyruss came out and it's really good .. I don't know if you know the cartridge version ..
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