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  2. My quickest full playthrough was 22 minutes. 89% was my highest rating. I've beat the game the past 3 days in a row. Really enjoy it!
  3. I just went ahead with Ebay. I was too impatient to wait on a pre order. One of the gentlemen who works with tech support says they're shipping late spring.
  4. PS4 controllers work with this....tested and tried last night. Played Fortnite and Rocket League...and also a game from Steam.
  5. Try a PS4 controller. It works through USB and bluetooth on Stadia.
  6. Absolutely right!! It worked!! XBox One controller would not. But, Stadia will be alot better for me now!! Thanks again.
  7. Awesome!! I will try that!
  8. So, are you using Stadia in PC mode? Or just the Chrome Browser?
  9. I've just been using the Chrome browser and found lots of good sites with emulation. Here's Castlevania Symphony of the Night, you can use the Atari modern controller as well. Also, I was playing Doom on Stadia earlier, unfortunately can't get the Atari controller to work in Stadia, but got a little touchpad keyboard that works well as a controller.
  10. I believe you hold the Atari logo button for a few seconds then it changes to XBox mode.
  11. UPS shipment for replacement VCS shipped out yesterday.
  12. I don't want to use a keyboard or mouse though. I'd buy an actual PC if I wanted to do that. Others have gotten the VCS modern controller to work, by USB, and in Xbox mode. I just can't seem to do it.
  13. Will let you know. Mine just made it back to Atari today, hopefully my new one gets sent out soon.
  14. Looking for the Turtles Jag Coin Op game??

  15. Can you still buy Teenage Mutant Heros the Coin Op? I don't wanna pay that EBay price.
  16. So, strangely I got my return label to send back my VCS to Atari for Replacement, but it is a residence I'm sending to, and not a business. I found that odd.
  17. I tried different plugs, different outlets. Still nothing. Today, Atari said they would send me a shipping return label, and replace my unit. But then, did not email the label. 🤦‍♂️
  18. Took the lid off, tried that. Took the Ram out, put it back in. Nothing. I guess I'm gonna drop it off at a repair shop tomorrow and see what they say since Atari stopped giving me information.
  19. I was talking to them yesterday, they asked me for a serial number, and said thet may have to send me another one. But, then stopped talking to me.
  20. Was not power supply. Got a new one, still no power.
  21. I'll go to Staples n get a new power supply and see if it fixes my problem.
  22. Mine will do nothing. The light won't even come on.
  23. Not sure how to do that
  24. Well, the VCS lasted one day. Went to power it on today, nothing. Emailed tech support, they've never had that issue. Very frustrating to wait this long, pay this much money for one day of use. Hopefully they will solve or replace it, but who knows how long that will take.
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