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  1. Damn Intellivision Inc variations are killing me. That Solar Sailer one is frickin' disturbing. Does this mean all of the Intellivoice games are out there in the wild as Intellivision Inc versions? Crap, and also, awesome? Hell, I don't know.
  2. Good to know it actually exists. Thank you Humblejack and Jason for the proof. Also no thank you for giving me more to find.
  3. So was there or was there not an Intellivision, Inc. release of Locomotion?
  4. Hahaha! I have an incredibly beat up Backgammon, I do have Roulette and Sea Battle (also not in the best shape). I don't have MOTU, Shark Shark,, Bump N Jump, either D & D, Triple Action, Vectron and Super Series Baseball. Always hoping to trade or buy from people round these parts and elsewhere.
  5. Thanks to Humblejack for the smoothest transaction and helping to add one of my personal grails to the collection. So stoked!
  6. Keep digging up more doubles. I also have a Sears Checkers without the instruction book available for trade too.
  7. I just traded that out actually. I did find a Blockade Runner in my stuff just now, complete with black and white manual. Also found a sealed Space Hawk and Roulette (Mattel versions) The Sewer Sam is taken unfortunately.
  8. I don't have a ton of great stuff to trade, but I do have things like.. Beamrider (complete) Commando (manual only) Chip Shot (with manual / no box) Thin Ice (with manual / no box) White Water (with manual / no box or overlays) Baseball (international version complete in ok shape) Sewer Sam (complete in ok shape) And a box of beat up, some complete, some incomplete stuff. Is anyone here looking to trade at all? Not too into selling on eBay, would rather get someone here help that needs one of these.
  9. Never mind, "for color TV viewing only". Gonna go check my copies for that.
  10. I'm ignorant to this one, about that Math Fun, what is FCTVVO?
  11. I have yet to find a masters of the universe too.
  12. It's white but it's in rough shape, nowhere near your quality.
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