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  1. is still alive!

  2. is still alive!

  3. I've a 6 switcher hooked up to a 17" (PAL) LCD tv and its fine.(albeit a bit small). To be honest though, if you've the space its worth picking up a nice big cheap C.R.T. TV secondhand and using that. If I had the space I'd do that , although at the moment the small screen will have to do..
  4. Carts for me , put it this way , if using CDs as a games storage medium had been available in 1977 , and Atari had gone with it, well , collecting 2600 games these days would be a whole lot harder ,and more expensive
  5. Just curious , but as a real games machine , did the Atari 8 have many mainstream releases after say 1987 outside the UK /Ireland?? I originally had an atari 800xl , but eventually sold it and bought a 2nd hand c64 around 1988 , basically as there were no new games releases , and no conversions of any of the arcade games I liked(the likes of ghosts and goblins /bombjack etc). One thing about the C64 is that it seemed to have a much longer life software wise?
  6. I think this is the link here: http://us.factory.lego.com/
  7. Actually this was brought up on the RG forum(and "Hackers" is mentioned there) Words from writer here: http://www.retrogamer.net/forum/viewtopic....ighlight=#99148
  8. Thing is , at the end of the day RG is a UK mag , and there the Atari 8bit didnt sell as well as the three lines of machines mentioned, if they didnt concentrate on the "big three" they wouldnt sell as many copies.The same way a US retro mag wouldnt have much other than the odd token mention of the Spectrum.They're giving the Atari a bit more "love" in the next few issues apparantly though. I liked the article myself, but if you fancy letting the author know what you think he has a forum over at http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/
  9. Not any more! Where you based? I'm in Glasnevin. heh about 15 minutes up the road from you , in clonee. Small world eh?
  10. Just a quick update to say I got an 800xl and 1010 (cheers Mimo!), so thanks to all who helped. Been playing through a few old favourites - Montezuma's revenge , power down , Zybex ,and having great fun . I'd forgotten how long it takes to load anything though! (even compared to the {boo hiss} C64), and how unreliable tapes are (same tape will sometimes work and sometimes not!) Anyway I've shelled out for an SIO2PC so I should have fun with that!
  11. There's a decent enough Atari 8bit emulator for the pocket pc as well: pocket atari I've used it a bit (mainly on my old casio casiopeia , but if I remember rightly it worked on my Dell Axim too) http://www.zophar.net/ppc/atari.html http://sourceforge.net/projects/atari800/
  12. Partly because of the thread (ongoing) over on the retro gamer magazine forum , and partly as despite it being the first computer I had as a kid , yet strangely in my years of collecting retro consoles and computers I've never been able to pick one up , I'm looking to buy a PAL Atari 800xl Trouble is I'm based in Ireland , and for once I've had no luck with Ebay ,theres few enough pal ones there and either the shipping prices (usually from the UK) are extortionately high* (that's when they WILL ship!) or I'm getting sniped at the last second. So I'm looking for a decent on-line shop to buy one , and preferably a 1010 tape deck as well (as that was my original set-up years ago). Can anyone recommend one? I've only found one http://www.atari-shop.nl/ , which looks good but I don't think they've any in stock .I might drop them a mail later anyway , although I don't think they carry the 1010(or any tape deck) are there any others that people here have used?
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