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  1. I believe, after reading all answers, what Atari 5200, isn't failed. It did not live up to Atari's expectations. And Atari is focused in 2600. Unfortunately the videgames crash prevented us from knowing what that competition would be like.
  2. My children preferred racing games and platform games like Kirby and Mario 3 (Mario 1 was very difficult for them), Ray Man games (Wii, DS, PS1) and Donkey Kong (SNES and Wii) were liked very much.
  3. The Atari concentrated efforts in 2600 games same with Arcade games licencing and own games and 5200 received much less games causing less attention to the system.
  4. I believe what Nintendo politics of exclusivity with game developers were the problem for Atari. The NES stayed with better games and Atari didn't have the same administrative capacity of SEGA and his Mega Drive for example.
  5. Maybe one of the problems for Atari 5200 has been Atari failing to get a license for the great games of the Arcades, since Coleco got all.
  6. Have your point of view in this discussion help me a lot about 5200 history and crash of video games. So many things that I didn't know, really, thank you so much!
  7. I didn't know about the Atari 600. Even if not sold in the same stores in 1983/84 the parents saw. The crash proves this. The Commodore war prices threw lights on computers. Atari produced the same games in carts with different pins, an hour someone would realize. And the puzzle about Atari 5200 history starts to make sense. It is not a bad system, but yes, a system in wrong time.
  8. Yes. I read a Nolan Bushnell interview about your first game, Computer Space. He said, for him, Computer Space had a sucess, but, for Nutting was a fail. Everithing is a question about expectations. So, Atari 5200, can be a case like this.He sad
  9. I saw "The Atari Report - 5200 Edition - Episode 12 - Pac-Man Arcade" by @BIGHMW and, man, this game could done a lot for the sales of the Atari 5200.
  10. Really, failure can be a strong term, but the Atari 5200 suffered front your competitors, it's clear. Other thing. Atari 5200 were, basically, a Atari 400/800 computer, right? So, why someone buy a Atari 5200 if they had a Atari 400/800 with the same games? The Atari marketing didn't see the obvious and this fact caused low sales. They not positioned console correctly in the market. @MrTrust you has reason. I thing it was a little bit of all of that. @edladdin you has a 5200, right? How were they the controllers? As I understood you it had fun without any problems with controls. Here in Brazil we don´t had access to Atari 5200 and I saw it many years late.
  11. It´s true. Atari forgot what sell a video game: The games! They focused in more and more technology and bits and new version of same games and forgot the main.
  12. It gives the impression that the system has not been tested. They simply put the Atari 800 in another box and sold it under another name without worrying about the "details". The Atari administration thought more in profits as quality.
  13. Hi everyone. I'm working in Atari 5200 history and many reports speak of failure. But, what things caused 5200 to fail? Your problematic joystick? Your games? Your old hardware concept? The Atari company strategy? I would like to know your opnion!
  14. I have other question. When Bromley see Donkey Kong for the first time, had this game already released in Japan?
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