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  1. There is no azerty keyboard support, nor is there a Chrome browser translation (and there certainly never will be). Anyway, the more time goes by, the more the chances to see the console being taken into account for France decrease. It's like many things about this console, it's disappointing.
  2. I hope Atari will not make the mistake of blocking the bios with a new password. I think it would create a lot of disappointment in their community. If they do this, they won't be able to counter Grub2 which is native to Ubuntu and therefore supported by Atari. However, this would mean not being able to run Batocera anymore, which would be a tragedy for me, which is why I don't update my consoles anymore, I don't want to run that risk. For my part I don't use the Atari OS anymore, I'm waiting for an alternative (which may never come) because as it is and to remain polite the VCS Dashboard is really "minimalist" and sticks to the announced specifications, not more The more time passes and the more my disappointment grows
  3. About keyboard support, still no support for AZERTY keyboards for France and no French translation of Chrome. Or did I miss something?
  4. If the UEFi starts on the eMMC, there is no choice but to copy rEFInd to both partitions of the eMMC.
  5. It talks about : https://hackaday.com/2021/07/27/rooting-the-atari-vcs-800/
  6. Processor not supported at moment
  7. @ArcadeProjects Hello, On Github.com you write "The root of the Dashboard appears to use some sort of encrypted file names." Does it mean that there is no way (due to encryption or atypical files) to expect find and modify files like .xml to modify Dashboard appearance ? Thanks again for Debian Buster code name
  8. View on official Facebook page Need a stylish new hat to complement that summer style? Get an Atari Speakerhat here: https://link.atari.com/atari-speakerhat ATARI BLUE SNAPBACK SPEAKERHAT
  9. Thanks, I know for Apertis, but like for Ubuntu 20 is named "groovy gorilla" or Kodi 18 named "Leia" Is there a name other than Apertis for this specific distibution ?
  10. Hello @ArcadeProjects Have you seen any codename, or name for/inside this specific Linux Atari distibution pls ?
  11. Bravo Thank you for your work and for sharing Even if I don't understand all of it, I hope that this new possibility will inspire people to go and search in this system, and who knows...
  12. Many thanks for these links and hats off to @ArcadeHustle. Bravo, even if I didn't really understand everything. It still seems to smell pretty good ^^ for whoever wants to go digging into the guts of the beast. I don't know the Apertis system, I don't know much about Linux either, but from what I've seen Apertis 2021 is a sort of "media-center" or on-board browser but it seems to handle audio and video? I think it will speak to some people (or not) but now I'm dreaming of an equivalent of multiMAN (PS3) or even better XBMC (Xbox). So many good memories for the ones I have left.
  13. Here is a 3D project to make Atari logo based stand for phone or others... (Draft)
  14. For others Atari platforms yes but I don't find for VCS 800 at moment. If you have seen it I'm interesting. Only from UK and US, and for France delivery is 15$ shipping costs more by unit. A mug cost at final more than 25€ - 30€ for french peolple (with the risk to be broken). I ask for pieces in three shops in Paris, only basics t-shirt with poor logo quality (I don't see original label on it) cost 35€ My mugs are perfects to take coffee every days ;) Not for sales.
  15. Customise by China, like mugs. Not official Atari brand. I couldn't find a t-shirt for the VCS 800, so I used the logo on Wikipedia and had it printed in China. The fabric and the flocking are ok, but not more. If Atari can make official polo shirts (maybe it already exists for internals ?). In France the VCS is totally unnoticed both on websites and in stores (in Paris for me). No event, no communication, no advertisement, no display, only endless relaunch on the official FaceBook thread. No more/thing So for lack of thrushes we eat blackbirds (I do not know if it is said in English).
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