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  1. I believe it was changed to 16/A since multiple players hit rollage during the season. Rollage becomes less likely for any of us with no extra lives.
  2. Road Runner: 328400 Finally past the board with the boulders and then coasted racking up points on the next several boards until the boulders came up again and ended the game.
  3. Road Runner: 145300 I'm getting better on round 6, but the boulders still end my game. Close to half of my scoring is on the first round, where it seems you can induce more trucks to appear by running behind them such that they run over the coyote as far to the right edge of the screen as possible.
  4. Mine was a birthday gift in January 1982. I must've whined enough to my parents after Christmas '81, when one of my friends got an Atari and another friend got an Odyssey. My first games were Combat (with the console), Air Sea Battle, and Asteroids. Air Sea Battle probably wasn't the smartest choice since I mostly played 1-player games. My sister is 8-years younger than I and neither of my parents played video games. I recall having my parents exchange Asteroids because the satellites weren't showing up. Apparently nobody in our household read the manual closely enough to realize the difficulty switch needed to be on A. A month or two later, we went to Toys 'R' Us and bought Night Driver so we could have a paddle game.
  5. That 70k first round made a big difference. I typically score 24-28k on the first round and occasionally barely break 30k. If I come back to this game, I may try to get the side columns matching as you suggest. I'm wondering how this makes so much of a difference. I initially thought it may have scored some diagonals, but that would only happen if at least one of the side colors matched a color in the middle column.
  6. I only go for the big X on some of the diagonal rounds or on round 6, where if successful, you get a 50k warp bonus and it advances you to level 51. On most other rounds, I use a " big sandwich" strategy (see the post by @oyamafamily from the season for an explanation and video illustration). The challenge is once you've warped to level 51, most of your scoring is done since it's all you can do to just survive these higher levels. The highest scores I've seen with this strategy are around 160k. I never accomplished the 50k warp bonus on round 6 during the season, and have only succeeded in doing this a couple times this past week. Something I discovered (credit to @ZilchSr since I learned this watching his video on Twin Galaxies) is if the middle piece of the X is a wild, the entire X does not have to all be the same color. For example, if the upper-left, upper-right, and lower-left "branches" are all yellow, but the lower-right branch is red, you get credit for the big X if the center piece is a wild. I don't know if the scoring for the diagonals counts as good as getting the colors matching on all the branches, but this alternative does earn you the warp bonus. I expect you'd get the warp bonus even if each of the four branches are different colors, although I've not yet had a game where I could easily confirm this. The thing I noticed about the screenshot posted by @Jasonhrb is that he was allowed five "misses" on the higher levels rather than the three I always end up with, meaning he chose to warp to some level I've never tried. I'm thinking some combination of warp bonuses and warping to levels where the "big sandwich" strategy is practical contributed to the 200k+ score.
  7. This is a very impressive score - more than 40k higher than any other score I've seen so far anywhere for this game, whether it be from the season or on Twin Galaxies. It looks like part of the difference in score is from bonuses associated with warping, so you may have uncovered a better strategy and path through this game.
  8. Xenophobe: Rollage (1M) My strategy is to clear each space station as quickly as possible, preferably before too many game-ending snotterpillars start showing up. With the possible exception of the first board or two, I don't purposely avoid shooting aliens in an effort to pick up more hardware. There will always be more hardware on the next board and you get some of your health replenished at the end of each board. Some tips to clear boards more quickly: Jumping is faster than running. It can also help you avoid getting hit by an alien that spawns at the edge of the screen. If you notice any easy-to-kill aliens spawn as you leave a screen, backtrack to kill them. Each board ends after you've killed a specific number of aliens regardless of their strength or difficulty to kill. Don't waste time waiting for or bombing the aliens that roll up in a ball. Just move to the next screen and look for an easier target. Shooting the aliens head on rather than from behind prevents them from rolling up in a ball in the first place. My weapon of choice is the Poofer Gun. It has short range, but is the most powerful. Snotterpillars only require two hits. All other aliens are killed in just one hit. Avoid hitting the bug which disables your fire button until you enter an elevator. This happens if you fire a shot, but leave the screen as the alien is getting killed. Having to run to the elevator to restore your weapon is a real time-waster. In addition, I also keep track of where the better weapons are located to quickly re-arm if my weapon explodes. I usually mentally note something like "3R2" meaning floor 3, right two screens from the elevator. I think the placement of weapons is the same (i.e. not random) for each of the eight different stations if you want to memorize locations.
  9. Xenophobe: 401600 I'll get the ball rolling for this next round. It would not surprise me if at least one of us hits rollage on this game this week. @oyamafamily was the only one to roll the score during the season, but there were several mid-six figure scores. It's just a matter of not having a game end prematurely by getting hammered by a couple snotterpillars and/or having your weapon disintegrate at the worst possible time.
  10. It's going to be a competitive couple weeks. If my count is right looking at the overall standings, we have: 8 players with no strikes 2 players with two strikes 7 players eliminated (4 strikes from the first round) Good luck everyone. Now let's run up those scores
  11. Gravitar: 268300 This "traffic jam" took close to 2.5 hours and with the number of times I crashed, my insurance company is not going to be happy with me.
  12. At the risk of making things more complicated, would you consider 3 Games with 1 Strike, but give us two weeks to play? The second week for this first batch of games really increased the competition and gave everyone more time to improve their scores. At the end of last week, I think my Gravitar score was 3rd place and now I'm wondering if I'll stay above the strike line given the level of play we've seen this week. During the season, we typically have 10+ days to play since games are announced Thursday and scores aren't due until Sunday a week and a half later. One week with this tournament format gives us at most 6.5 days to play considering you'll need part of Monday for the game selection process. In terms of tournament length, my proposal is clearly more aggressive than the 1 Game/1 Strike/1 Week option. It may even be more aggressive than (or at least comparable to) the other single week options considering that any player going into next week with two strikes is at risk. Surviving the next round would require a solid performance on three different games. As the tournament winds down and there are only a few players left, you'll probably want to switch to 1 Game/1 Strike/1 Week to eliminate the possibility of a tie among the top 3.
  13. Super Breakout Game #5: 3957 (posted earlier) Game #7: 2343 Total: 6300 Gravitar: 111100 Playing Gravitar is about as much fun as driving in rush hour traffic. It takes forever to get anywhere and you'll crash if you stop paying attention or go too fast.
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