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  1. I must say that for Spike's Peak, in addition to your climber extremely difficult to move around, this game includes the worst of the worst when it comes to Atari 2600 sound effects. The background noise on the second screen reminds me of the sounds I used to hear when I fried cartridges as a kid. And if the bars below the score run low (which I think means you're close to getting frostbite), the alarm that sounds (for the next several seconds while you wait for your climber to eventually die) is maddening. Props to @nads for being the first to master this game and roll the score. I get the impression that once you become consistent passing all three boards, the sky is the limit since the difficulty doesn't increase.
  2. M*A*S*H Game 3: +627 (999-372) Game 7: +528 (999-471) For Game #3, one strategy I used was to try to prevent the computer player from scoring since your goal is to minimize its score even if it takes you a little longer to get your score to the 999. If you can make the computer helicopter crash, that can be very helpful (in my best game, I got it to crash twice in the opening round). For the surgery round, there is a bit of luck involved since you're hoping the RNG provides shrapnel in places that both earn the most points and can be extracted efficiently. Other than having a steady hand, I don't have much advice to offer for this round. I found this game surprisingly fun to play. I remember stumbling across a video of the operating room round several months ago and thinking that it was a pretty silly game. I was unaware that there was more to this game than the operating room, and overall, this game far exceeded my expectations. Both games are in the same YouTube video. Game #3 is first (and the video quality on the operating room rounds is terrible). Game #7 starts at 1:23 with a few video adjustments such that the game play in the operating room round can be better observed.
  3. After watching a couple Jungle Hunt games on Twin Galaxies (scores of 70k+), it appears that you can time your jumps over the boulders based on how many steps you take. On the later levels, they take three steps between every jump and most the time, the timing is correct for both the big boulders and the small boulders. Of course, I was unable to replicate this in my own game play, so I'm not sure if there is something to this method of timing jumps or if these players just got lucky on their high score performances.
  4. The answer lies in the opening scene of the arcade game where the ape comes and sets fire to your tush while you're fast asleep in a tent. This, along with the middle two boards didn't make it into the 2600 version.
  5. Jungle Hunt: 41950 Pitfall II: 167850 I'm not thrilled with my score on either of these games, but need to get something posted. I may be able to improve later today or sometime tomorrow. Like others, I'm struggling the most with thelarge boulders on Jungle Hunt. It also seems to take me 2-3 games before I can consistently get past the cannibals at the end of each round. For as much hype Pitfall II has gotten, I've been pretty disappointed with the game. I don't mean to discredit the programming accomplishment, but I find the game play and the background sound to be just plain annoying. I think this may be a game I would have needed to play back when it came out to truly appreciate. Granted, I need to get better at running under bats and condors, but I really wish the healing stations were a little closer together, even if that meant deducting points at a faster rate. It's particularly annoying to have to redo large portions of the game after every death, only to reach the same point I just died, die again, and have to repeat the process. This is one of the reasons I never got into some of the MMOs from more recent decades that many of my friends are playing. Losing points (or experience, stats, etc.) for a death makes sense, but also getting punished by having to take the time to redo a more boring part of the game was always the deal-breaker for me.
  6. Congo Bongo: 157360 I may come back to this game, but there are two other games I need to get going on in the next week. I have started enjoying this game, but am still pretty annoyed with how horribly the game was programmed. In particular, on the first board the jump button doesn't always work. This usually happens on the platform with the monkeys. After shaking a monkey off your back, you only actually jump once every 2-3 times you press the button. I cannot tell you how many times I took a bath in the river/waterfall because my character didn't jump when pushing the button. This also happened a few times the platform just after the bridge (the one that sinks), most commonly after needing to jump over a coconut that followed me across the bridge. On the second board, I find the fish to be pretty frustrating on the higher levels, although I'm not sure if I should characterize them as "annoying" or "challenging" since I did get better at jumping across them after playing the game for awhile. I still sometimes get killed shortly after solidly landing on the fish nowhere near its tail and am left wondering what I did wrong. This is another place the jump button is unresponsive if you try to jump too quickly from the second fish to the land at the top of the screen. I've had several annoying deaths because I just walked off the top of the fish rather than jumping to safety after pressing the button. I opted to not point press most of my games, but wouldn't rule it out if I come back to this game. I've found that by walking in circles on the first board (rather than just walking back and forth), you can earn about 200 points for every time the bonus meter drops by 100, but on the second board, it's more like 150 per 100. I'm not sure if the bonus countdown is faster on the second board or if you just accumulate points slower on the second board, but there is definitely more potential for point pressing on the first board.
  7. Thank you to all who responded to this question. I think it's helpful to know that point pressing is an option available to anyone who has the patience for it. I agree that point pressing this game is extremely boring and is a waste of time if your goal is to complete boards. With that said, if you are a less skilled player, it could make a significant difference to your final score. My best game without point pressing so far is around 70k. If I had employed point pressing on every level, my final score likely would have been around 100k. This is a significant difference, although the higher score is more a measure of patience + endurance than it is a measure of actual skill. I will likely just complete boards most of my games so I don't waste a lot of time getting to the harder levels of the game which I still can't seem to pass consistently. However, at some point, I may aggressively press for points in an effort to maximize my score.
  8. @Vocelli: What are the rules and expectations regarding point pressing? I have found that with Congo Bongo, it's pretty easy to do point pressing. For example, once you make it to the top of the first board, you can just wander around the right half of the screen and have zero risk of getting killed. You earn 10 points per step and since you can take more than 10 steps each time the bonus timer decreases by 100, you earn more points just walking in circles than you do by immediately finishing the board and claiming the bonus. On the first board, this amounts to scoring more like 8k rather than the usual ~5500. In my opinion, point pressing should be allowed for this game since a timer limits the amount of extra points you can accumulate in this manner. Do others have a different opinion? @ZilchSr: Did you use point pressing strategies when you scored 478k and what are your thoughts on this?
  9. Now I know you were serious with your previous "rollage" comment. I've just started playing this one and have a long way to go before breaking 100k, let alone 1M. I may get there, but so far, I've not gotten past the "frustration" stage for this game. I'm not consistent figuring out where I need to be to avoid coconuts on the first board. For the second board, I need to be more patient since the game is pretty unresponsive if I try to switch direction quickly or if I don't pause for a moment with each jump across the alligators.
  10. Cosmic Corridor: 3140 YouTube videos of both games are also posted below, although I doubt anyone would want to watch someone else's 2-hour Dishaster game. I've posted it for the sake of completeness.
  11. Dishaster: 502250 (Rollage) Thank you for setting rollage to 500k. My game took a little less than 2hrs and I'm glad I didn't need to play another 2hrs to score closer to 1M to count as rollage. I have a video and may post it once I get a score for Cosmic Corridor.
  12. Star Trek 819500 I'm not quite sure what to make of the Nomad round at 8:25. I never managed to hit it and after awhile, the game made a strange buzzing sound and ended the round flashing black and white rather than the normal rainbow animation. Apparently you can "lose" the Nomad round without the game ending. I've had this happen in a few games, but don't see any mention of this behavior in the manual.
  13. I hope my comment did not come across as negative. I agree that this is a part of the fun and a great way to discover some of the better games available for the platform that extend beyond the couple dozen cartridges I had as a kid. Another benefit of the HSC is the folks usually pick out some of the better games, allowing me to avoid wasting my time on most of the absolute garbage games that were produced for the 2600 in the mid-late 80s. My comment about the unusual joystick inputs still stands. I find it very awkward to have a scenario where a button push on a game like this does something other than fire a weapon all while pulling down without the button push does fire a weapon. With that said, I think it's appropriate for me to share some positive comments about this game. One thing I've come to really appreciate about this game is how it does the scoring and picking the optimum strategy to maximize your score. Docking on the starbase adds supplies, but not docking gives you bonus points at the end of the round. Since this bonus increases as the game progresses, there is a hint in the manual suggesting that you dock early in the game to collect supplies, but not dock late in the game to collect the points. What's interesting is figuring out the optimum point at which to stop docking and start collecting points. My best scores so far are when I wait until after defeating the third nomad (or starting sector 3.1) to stop using the star bases. When watching the top two performances on Twin Galaxies (scores in the 800-900k+ range), I observed that one of the players never docks on the star bases (always collecting the bonus) and the other player only docked up to the first nomad. I'm not sure of the best strategy, and it probably varies from one player to the next depending on their skill. Another thing I can appreciate about this game is the manual indicates there are 10 sectors (meaning that the last sector is 9.6 since it starts at 0.1), but the farthest I've seen anyone get so far is somewhere in sector 7. I wonder what happens after defeating the last nomad in sector 9.6. The three possibilities I can think of are the game ending, the game going back to sector 9.1 and continue repeating the most difficult levels, or the game resetting back to sector 0.1. If the game does in fact end, that would mean that there is a maximum possible score (probably around 2M), which could only be achieved by never docking and making sure you hit every 5000 point anti-matter saucer that appears. The fact that the game gets challenging enough in the higher levels that nobody has made it this far is a big plus in my mind on how this game was designed.
  14. Like most games this HSC, I've never played this game before. I'm enjoying the game, but I really hate that down=torpedo and down+button push=thrust. It is so counter-intuitive to have the button push not fire. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten all the enemy ships lined up for a torpedo shot, only to thrust my ship through the whole line of them. Maybe I'll get used to these annoying joystick input combinations with some more play. My best score so far is around 400k. I'm hoping for improvement before posting a photo or video.
  15. Dark Cavern: 311000 Stack Game: 59 I agree 100% with all the advice @toiletunes offers in the previous post. In addition to the lower left/lower right corners, you can also camp out at the corner just above the entrances to pick off a few yellow robots for 5k and an extra man each. The only other suggestion I'd make is if you run out of bullets, there is no reason to avoid running into the "blob" since you have no bullets for it to steal. I enjoyed this game, but found the game to be pretty annoying to play once hitting that 200k mark. Not only do the robots spawn too fast to get extra lives, but the scoring potential is significantly reduced since you're mostly shooting purple robots for 1k and might occasionally luck into a red/orange robot for 2k. Most of the red/orange robots I hit at this level were when two robots were grouped together and could be killed in a single shot. There does not appear to be any strategy that will reliably group the robots. It would be really cool if there were a way to group three, or even all four robots in a way to take them all out with a single shot at these higher levels.
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