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  1. Thank you to everybody, especially to Wraithchild and xxl as I've used their solutions and can run programs on real hardware now with AVG Cart.
  2. I favor AVG Cart at the moment. I also own Sdrive, which can its loader put as low as $500 however most of loaders exceeds $700 so I'm looking for a way how to solve this. Thank you for an example with exomizer. I will try this and let you know what happened.
  3. Well these are binaries converted from tapes using loader "TURBO" which was frequently used in Europe in 80's and 90's. I has allowed higher loading speeds with modified tape drives. Loading address was low on these, and when converted in XEX, it causes problems with most of loaders on real hardware.
  4. Thank you for example, however how can I use this to use my own XEX file? Does exist any tool for this or do I have to use an hexa editor? Sorry for lame questions but I haven't done any programming on Atari 8bit.
  5. Dear all, I have several XEX files that starts at $700 which causes issues with loading on real hardware, as most of loaders don't fit below $700. Would be possible to create boot disk with loader below $700? Does exist any other solution?
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