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  1. There is also another challenge...when you use a German keyboard, you have to enter a Z instead of a Y. Funny thing is, once the AtariOS or any Linux boots, the german keyboard is recognized...not so in the Bios
  2. The paperclip method is the only way to change any bios settings. It still works... https://atariage.com/forums/topic/315163-vcs-bios-password/?do=findComment&comment=4726383
  3. I did it a 100 times...my VCS still works.
  4. to me it sounds like, they will implement it in the April update...April 2022
  5. @CPUWIZ Well...I was looking for the output pin. The labeling was kind of different. I assumed that this one is most likely the output. The idea is that once you hit enter, the chip cannot supply the password info and after a timeout the system loads some backup bios config. After you change settings you can save them permanently. Unfortunately, once you open the Bios you always see the backup standard configuration, regardless what you changed last time. So you always have to repeat all changes and save...
  6. @0_obeWAN I also removed AtariOS on the eMMC. It seems they implemented additional checks (BIOS). I did not deactivate secure boot and my boot list is still there. It seems one has to decide, which way to go: I) using the VCS as a PC (streaming etc) II) using it as designed by Atari Thanks for the flowers, but I am just a hobbyist, who was upset with the current software supplied by Atari
  7. The BIOS update doesn't help against the paper-clip method. It seems they implemented some extra BIOS checking during boot of the AtariOS. Yet, I dont care...I dont use it anymore...
  8. Well...there is still my workaround...
  9. If it runs smoothly and if you can use a real AppleID (store, AppleTV), the VCS would be the cheapest Mac on the planet. How long takes it to boot. (completely, until the HDD activity stops)
  10. Anyway...the AtariOS is just an average Linux distro with a dashboard, a shop, an Atari-emu, and Chrome-shortcuts to Netflix and Amazon...at the current stage. Dont try to fix anything. Either install a working Linux distro or just wait until Atari will fix it.
  11. I am not sure, if the Wifi issues of the AtariOS are related to this, but when I first installed Linux Mint the Wifi was unusable. I found this article and changed the power save settings in a config file. After that everything worked fine. It's here somewhere https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=324341 ".... etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf which has a setting called with a value of "wifi.powersave = 3". So I changed the value from 3 to "2", saved the file and reboot." ...but it wont help you, because you cannot do anything in the AtariOS. The next update should fix it, if not...it's not a good sign 😉
  12. I received my VCS on Dec 31st. I removed the AtariOS a week later or so and installed Linux Mint. The hardware is excellent for a mini PC/media center. 4K worked great, but I use 2560x1440 60Hz now, because the GUI of Linux Mint looks best at this resolution (icon size, font size). Upgrades: 16GB RAM 512GB m.2 SATA SSD Monitor: Samsung TV panel 50" Microsoft all-in-one keyboard I use my AtariVCS every day now, watching TV, surfing the web...etc Reinstalled the AtariOS on the eMMC, just in case anything useful will be published. eMMC boot is deactivated in the BIOS.
  13. I originally installed Linux Mint on the eMMC, then I installed it on a m.2 SATA. The m.2 SSD was faster...boot time was about 30% shorter.
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