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  1. Oh, I thought of another one that almost-but-not-really fits your description: Dark Chambers. It’s two player co-op… but if one player dies they just wait for the other player to complete the level and then they rejoin on the next level. Again, not exactly what you’re describing with taking turns and whatnot… but close. And its definitely another one that doesnt require a long wait time and is good for pairs of players who have uneven game-playing experience.
  2. @roadrunner @Prizrak --- Oh that's interesting! What a neat idea to make a full virtual 2600 experience, selecting cartridges, 80s radio, etc. @keithbk --- I've never seen Chuck, but just watched that Missile Command sequence on youtube and i think i'm convinced to give it a shot, haha.
  3. Hmm... well, it's a little different, but there's Entombed. Two players play at the same time, and if one player dies then you both stop and restart the level. The player who died loses a life, and if either player loses all three of their lives then the game ends. So it's cooperative if both of you trying to help each other survive as long as possible... or its competitive if you're trying to be the last survivor. And this isn't exactly what you're looking for either.. but my son and I like playing Mines of Minos because it has the option for the second player to control the enemy monsters. It's a pretty neat feature which ensures that both players are always playing.
  4. Hah! Right, of course.
  5. So excited for this! I stumbled on the first Sword of Surtr on the PlusCart late one stormy night and was really taken with how deep and absorbing it was. Can't wait for a sequel.
  6. Since there aren't a ton of 2600 games that have music, I'd be curious to hear if anyone listens to music when they play Atari... Is there any music that feels connected to your 2600 experience? Any music you used to listen to while playing back when you were younger? The two Yes albums "Fragile" and "Close to the Edge" are pretty perfect for me.
  7. I bought it last year! One of the first homebrews I ever bought! Wonderful, challenging game.
  8. I've got my 2600 set up near my work area at home, so I can play during breaks. I rotate which games I keep out, so its always changing, but here's what's in the mix these days.
  9. Congrats! Looking forward to checking out this pretty-much-completed version soon, and looking forward to the physical release too!
  10. Thanks! Sure, feel free to share. Hmm. Well, might be nice to have the color values listed on the side, like playerpal - or a way to eyedrop select a color previously used - so you can easily match a color you’ve used before.
  11. Well thank you for that clarification (and, uh, for this entire site by the way). Apparently i have a poor understanding of this stuff and probably shouldnt be talking about it!
  12. Oh yes, for sure (which is wonderful). I meant paying royalties to Atari, like third-party developers did back in the day when the 2600 was still being produced.
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