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  1. Hi everyone, I am excited to show off a really early demo of a game that I am working on. I learned 6502 Assembly and coded lots of small projects, which has led to the creation of Ghost Chase (WIP). It is a basic survival horror game where you play as the Friar who is collecting corrupted relics in the Forbidden Forest. As you collect the relics, a Ghostly spirit is summoned to chase and eventually stop you! Right now its pretty basic but I hope to keep adding more features and polish. Hopefully you guys find it interesting! I look forward to any comments and criticism you might have. Cheers!

    image.thumb.png.ba5b539ef2cc240ffa8bb290e1897179.png (The Friar is about to collect their 7th relic)


  2. Relatively new user around here, but I have started taking my first steps toward making a homebrew game! Hope to post more info later!

    1. Unbeliever


      Please do! I look forward to seeing it!

    2. D Train

      D Train

      which system?  there are many to choose from!

    3. TheDurabun


      Atari 2600! Although one day I also want to develop something for the Lynx and Jaguar.

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