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  1. My black cart came today! Getting it setup this weekend!
  2. Looks like I will be ok to wait for a HOKEY!
  3. Late to the game... Can you still play with sound without the HOKEY\POKEY? I definitely want one of your HOKEY chips!
  4. I just saw this exists! Will there be more produced? :(((
  5. is there a way to change a setting in the bios so the VCS auto boots to the BIOS instead of the Atari OS? It would make engaging a M2 drive with Windows and a bunch of USB items hooked up a lot easier (see my previous post on Logitech wireless keyboards)
  6. Oh whoops. My memory failed me... The Jaguar CD was a module not a standalone console...
  7. Thanks for the friendly reply! So, it may be the battery, but those suckers were just charged and should last three years between charges (the last regular batteries lasted that long). You never know though! Something to eliminate... I did some more messing around on my VCS last night and I plugged a wired keyboard into the front. Works like a charm every time. To add more information to my experimenting to get the right set up, I think the powered USB strip I have is what is doing it. It is a seven port USB strip that is plugged into the back. When the Logitech is plugged into it (or it the usb strip is plugged in at all and the dongle is just plugged into the front of the VCS), I have the issue of it barely working. When I unplug the USB strip and just plug the Logitech in, it works fine, but this defeats my purpose of having a powered strip plugged in all the time so I can hook four instruments and two wireless accessories up at once. I think the number of things plugged in and how the potential lag of the USB strip communicating with the VCS that is doing it. Additionally, the wired keyboard works perfectly with everything hooked up. I have a wired keyboard I use for my Switch, so until Atari fixes this on the backend, I should be good. PITA, but that's part of tinkering. Again I say though, this should not be activities bound to the tink list for an advertised and capable feature....
  8. Hey y'all As a general statement, this VCS has been WAAAY more difficult to setup than it should have been. Atari left far to much to the end user to do-backer release or not. After months of trouble shooting (mostly solo) I finally have the VCS optimized to do what I want on it. And yes, you can play four player PTB Clone Hero (with the pro drums) at 200+FPS with the VCS maxed out and 6 gigs dedicated to the video ram. This machine is far more capable than Atari is presently willing/able to support it... Let us hope that history does not remember the VCS as the Jaguar 3 :(((( Additionally, the way to load Windows 10 from an M.2 (the only way to do what I described above-good luck doing any of that on an external through USB) is proof that Atari does not really know what they have created. To have to log into the bios to launch Windows is one of the most backwards non-intuitive things I have ever seen a game company do to a product that was built and advertised to do a feature like PC Mode as one of its main capabilities. I really hope this way of logging into an M.2 through the backdoor (and the google chrome update) comes through soon... Now, back to the point of my post. The only way to initiate the bios is to push escape on the keyboard. I am using a Logitech K400 wireless USB dongle keyboard. It takes 5-6 tries (or more) of resetting the VCS to get into the bios using this keyboard, as if it is not registering inside the VCS in time that I am pressing the escape key on my keyboard to enter the bios. I will get it to respond eventually and let me in to launch windows 10 from my m.2, but it is never consistent. Is this happening because I am using a wireless USB dongle keyboard? Is a wired keyboard consistent? Thanks for the help!
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