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  1. has started on a Berzerk-Frenzy remake project using the program Game Maker. Will have new features not in either of the original versions.

  2. has started on a Berzerk-Frenzy remake project using the program Game Maker. Will have new features not in either of the original versions.

  3. I recently completed designing a remake of Dark Cavern with a program called Game Maker. It may not have Atari 2600 graphics but the gameplay is still the same. I added improved graphics and new features that the 2600 version didn't have. Check it out at http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=448643
  4. I've tried that too but all I get is a static-like popping sound and it won't detect the audio from Stella at all. There's just a couple Yars sounds I need. The fade-in hum that the Qotile makes and the steady hum from the score screen. I'd appreciate it if someone recorded them for me or know where to find sounds similar to them.
  5. Hi, back on the forum after a 3 year absense. Last time I was here, I was cancelling a project called Legend Of Zelda: Swordquest. Sorry if this topic is in the wrong section but I didn't know which one to put it in. I'm working on remaking Yar's Revenge using a program called Game Maker. My version will have a new feature not in the Atari one. As you progress, the Qotile's shield cells take more than one bullet to destroy and if left damaged, they will slowly regenerate back to full strength. But anyway, on to the question. Is there a good or effective way to record the sounds from the Atari version? I do have the Stella emulator and tried to record sounds from it with Audacity. However, either the audio wouldn't be detected or the playback is just steady popping noise, regardless of my record/playback settings. Is there anything else that can be used to record Atari sounds instead?
  6. Funny you should mention that because I was actually thinking about doing a "Zelda Adventure". I got some Swordquest supporters on another forum anyway.
  7. I've actually been planning to make a Dragonfire-type game using Zelda graphics, kinda like what I'm already making based on the Swordquest series (see my topic in Homebrew for more on it). But you guys probably prefer Atari graphics though...
  8. I'm creating a Swordquest fangame with Zelda sprites, hence the title of this topic. I already recently released an engine test demo that takes place in 'Earthworld'. I'll be making my very own Airworld from scratch (yes, all 4 realms will be in the same game). The program used to design this is Game Maker, version 6.1 (http://www.gamemaker.nl). On each realm, you place certain items in certain rooms to discover 9 "clues". When all 9 are found, the way to the Big Key of that realm opens for you to claim it. You need all 4 big keys to unlock the Master Sword Of Sorcery chamber, get the sword and win the game. There will be a "second quest" after beating the game which allows you to play through it again at a higher difficulty, including randomly created clues. I haven't made any 'action sequence' rooms yet. That is next on my "to do" list. You can carry up to 6 items and can drop no more than 8 items in the same room. The zip contains a text file on the controls and other info. Speaking of the demo, here it is... http://bryann380.home.comcast.net/zeldasq.zip . In this demo, each clue requires only one item. Let me know what you think of it.
  9. I wish I *could* play my Atari but the A/C plug cord is damaged and I can't find a suitable replacement anywhere. My 40+ games are just sitting on a shelf as a display until I get one.
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