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  1. Hello all, I have a simple idea for a roguelike type game that I am trying to implement. I've been doing okay with various tutorials up until it comes to drawing playfields, I pretty much can't figure out how to do this correctly for the life of me. Basically just want to have a square room with 4 doors/openings on each side. I am mostly programming in 6502 so any resources or tutorials you guys can point me to is appreciated.
  2. Doesn't it get caught in an endless loop though given it jumps right back to the Joystick routine? Thanks for your help
  3. This worked! Dont know what I was thinking, thanks!
  4. Thank you for your patience with me, I think I'm still getting confused though as to what you mean. where should I be branching to after jsr MoveJoystick if not MoveSpeed to use it as a counter? MoveSpeed lda MoveSum clc adc #128 sta MoveSum jsr MoveJoystick bcc MoveSpeed
  5. Not sure if I am doing this incorrectly but I can't seem to get it to work on my end MoveSpeed lda MoveSum clc adc #128 sta MoveSum bcc MoveSpeed jsr MoveJoystick Adversary(1).a
  6. How would you convert art made in aesprite for the 2600?
  7. Hi, I've noticed I will get an error in this program whenever I try to build a filled rectangle and accidentally drag the mouse a little past the window itself. Also, as a bonus question, could anyone explain an efficient way to load the ASM generated from this into a ROM? I figure you have to iterate through it somehow.
  8. Thank you Thomas! I think I can visualize your first example, but would you mind providing a short example of your second please?
  9. Hello all, I'm currently teaching myself how to program the 2600 using the 8bit workshop tutorials. Currently, I am wondering how to slow down player movement. Here is the code I am currently using for player movement. ; Read joystick movement and apply to object 0 MoveJoystick ; Move vertically ; (up and down are actually reversed since ypos starts at bottom) ldx YPos lda #%00100000 ;Up? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveUp cpx #2 bcc SkipMoveUp dex SkipMoveUp lda #%00010000 ;Down? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveDown cpx #183 bcs SkipMoveDown inx SkipMoveDown stx YPos ; Move horizontally ldx XPos lda #%01000000 ;Left? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveLeft cpx #16 bcc SkipMoveLeft dex SkipMoveLeft lda #%10000000 ;Right? bit SWCHA bne SkipMoveRight cpx #153 bcs SkipMoveRight inx SkipMoveRight stx XPos rts Normally, I am used to coding for the NES and I would be able to just DEX and NOP until the player slowed down, wondering what I would do here in this instance. Thank you! And here is a link to my current test project, took me all day yesterday how to figure out the 'ground' bit of playfield 2600 Test
  10. Ah I see, that indeed sounds like a nightmare with assembly!
  11. You're also working on a wargame Adam? Would love to hear more about it, I do board wargames as my dayjob and just released a series on barbarossa, so im happy to help with research or whatever else.
  12. Nothing to apologize for at all, I appreciate the fact that you are attentive and releasing them! It's a wonderful game, so I don't mind playing more of it again, I still have apparently barely scratched the surface
  13. Oh well! I'll have to be more careful next time, not the worst thing as I could try a different companion combo this time now that I know where more of them are.
  14. I'm fairly sure I didn't touch the sav file so maybe I must have overwrote it or something, I just tried moving my old SAV file to the new folder and its gone there and on my original installation too.
  15. I'm fairly sure I only change what was mentioned in the version notes, unless I either misread or mis-clicked something, which is definitely possible at 3AM in the morning
  16. Just a heads up, also sent an email about this but figured other players might want to know, just tried updating to .17 but lost my game in the process, not sure if maybe I did something wrong so be careful! Save a backup before you do.
  17. Thank you so much! I appreciate this, yeah I have less than 30 GP right now lol
  18. So I think I may have gotten myself stuck on Osthaven given I don't have enough money to get back and im generally not strong enough to kill enemy mobs here, wondering if there is a hint im missing to recruit the warlock easily? otherwise I think I may have to restart unfortunately lol
  19. thats what it is then, thank you! also one more thing, I apologize for all the questions! I've noticed this playthrough that my bard is constantly losing fatigue during combat if he moves or fires a ranged weapon, is this also intentional? This is not the case for the rogue in the party who has full fatigue regardless of his actions As you can see in the picture, this bard started with full fatigue in combat, he hasn't used a single spell, but just by moving around and shooting a bow he is now out of fatigue while the rogue remains at full, if this is intentional I'm curious as to the mechanics, thanks! EDIT: Just saw in the manual that characters take fatigue damage when using more APs than they have left (clever!) so I assume that must be it.
  20. Is one of those places including the moors where the hound hangs out? Also wondering about the plague town. I'll try it again later tonight once i finish dealing with bank stuff
  21. So another question in game, where can one use a homing stone? Everywhere I've tried so far it says not usable here. Otherwise, I ended up restarting the game with just a rogue with the new update, so far have a bard in the party, thinking a warlock would be a good spellcaster then.
  22. Then a Rogue it is! Thank you guys. A couple of us on the Nox Discord have been playing through it and I got at least one person to buy the boxed edition the other day
  23. I kind of like the idea of doing a single Rogue to start, though I think I only know where the Bard is. Out of curiosity, how many possible companions are there? if there is the option to have a non-wiz companion I think I may start over again with just a rogue
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