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  1. This is the wiring I found from another form post on here. I've repeatedly checked to make sure its correct. Is there maybe some test points on the board I could also check? Pin 1 +12v Pin 2 +12v Pin 3 +5v Pin 4 -5v Pin 5 Ground
  2. Stand alone. I don't have anything connected right now.
  3. About 4.93v don't have a printer to test with.
  4. Was following a different one, and the only thing I didn't do was connect pin 8 to common. The psu im using is a mean well rq-50b. Some video on YouTube i saw recommended it, although that's not what they used in the video. Should also mention that after messing around with... somthing I was able to get a slight picture out of the thing while running without holding Reset, however there is still alot of noise coming from the speaker of the TV when its like this. Holding reset still seems to make it run fine though.
  5. This is a bit of a followup to a post I already made about a power supply I was working on. Anyway I was able to get the adam to run by just running my own wires to the db9 connector instead of using a serial cable. I now have the problem that the thing only runs if I hold down one of the reset switches and even then the picture is noisy, and the channel 3/4 switch seems to do nothing. If anyone knows what's going on here let me know please. I want my desk space back
  6. So im attempting to make a psu for my adam. I bought one that somoneone on YouTube recommended and followed a pinnout I found. When I tried it I got a black screen with some static. Checked the voltages at the supply while plugged in to the adam and they seem normal. Checked the voltage at the end of the cable and they were the same. Checked the voltages on the other side of the connector inside of the adam and they were low (like 10v, 1.7v, -6v) not sure what's up if the connector is bad, checked a few of the pins on it and they didn't have high resistance. I don't know if this is normal or not or even if the computer works, so any help is appreciated.
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