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  1. Great news. Thanks for everyone's help.
  2. I've added a few no-ops between the joystick reads. Hopefully that will fixed the joystick problems. ArnoDash-COL-1.02.zip
  3. Try clearing some space under the wall first.
  4. I was writing to the VDP too fast. I needed to have three nop's after my outi (instead of just one)
  5. Thanks for the photo. That helps a lot. Would you mind giving this version a try? ArnoDash-COL-1.01.zip
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Can someone post a photo so I can see the problem? I don't have an ADAM, and it's working on coolcv and ColEm, so I can't really test it.
  7. I'm pleased to announce the release of Arno Dash. Collect the diamonds, avoid the boulders, butterflies and fireflies and find the exit, all under the specified time. There are 16 caves, each consisting of several scrolling screens. Each cave has 5 Difficulty levels. To select a different cave, move left or right when you are in the menu screen. How To Play In each cave you will find different obstacles (boulders, walls, etc.) and possibly enemy creatures you will need to avoid or trap while collecting or creating diamonds. Strategy/Tips Arno can Dig/Collect/Push without moving by holding fire and moving in the direction of the object (diamond, boulder or dirt) you wish to affect. Boulders You will often find yourself digging or moving downwards only to find that a boulder has toppled and is about to fall and hit you. The only way to avoid being crushed is to get out of the way. Arno runs as fast as a boulder falls, so you have time to quickly move left or right. Exit When Arno has collected the required amount of diamonds for the cave he is in, the exit is revealed. At this time you should decide whether to go for bonus jewels or to exit. Make sure you know the location of the Exit and that you can get to it before time runs out. Enemies Fireflies and Butterflies are deadly if touched. They move in predictable patterns, they do not attack. Amoebas This green blob bubbles and grows and will turn into boulders if its path is not blocked. It can be contained by walls, boulders, diamonds and Arno. Enchanted Walls They look like any other wall, however when hit by a falling boulder it begins to vibrate for a limited time. During this period any boulders that drop through it are magically turned to diamonds, but only if there is empty space below the wall. It will also turn diamonds into boulders if they drop through it. Once the enchantment phase is complete it cannot be reactivated in the same round. Scoring Information At the top of the screen is the status bar, showing: - Diamonds you have collected so far. - Diamonds needed to collect - Lives remaining - Time you have remaining to complete the cave. - Total points you have accumulated. Earn Points For - Each diamond you collect. - Every second you have left on the timer when you exit the cave. - Every diamond you collect above the minimum number of diamonds required to exit (bonus points). Quick Keys: - Use joystick to move Arno Up, Down, Left Or Right. - Left fire + direction to Dig/Collect/Push - Right fire to speed up timer ArnoDash-COL-1.00.zip
  8. Vexed is a puzzle game in which the goal is to move similar blocks together, which causes them to disappear. To finish the level, remove all the blocks. Move blocks by putting the select target on them and pressing the fire button then moving to the left or right. If an empty space is encountered when moved, the blocks will fall towards the bottom. Scoring is based on a golf-like par concept. If the level is solved in the same number of moves as the target, a score of 0, or par, is given for that level. Note that the target may not be the most efficient one, is it is possible to beat "par" and have a negative score. Click the right button to restart the level. The moves counter is reset to zero. The level can be restarted as often as needed. Vexed-COL-1.00.zip
  9. I'm pleased to announce the release of Pegged Solitaire for the ColecoVision. Play the classic Peg Solitaire game now for your ColecoVision console. Jump the pegs over each other in order to remove pegs until only one peg remains. With 100 levels included, it's hours of fun. Pegged-COL-1.00.zip
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