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  1. It sounds like you may be writing to the VDU too fast. The recommended speed to access the VDP is once every 29 cycles. You can't use the LDIR/OTIR commands since these write at 21 cycles per byte. Trying adding some NOPs between writing bytes to VDU.
  2. Thanks again for all your testing. I've increased the debouncing delay by a tick. Let me know if it's better. Pegged-COL-1.05.zip Vexed-COL-1.05.zip
  3. Another fix, I left in the too long delay I was using for testing. Once we're happy these are fixed, I'll release my other games with this fixed in them as well. Pegged-COL-1.04.zip Vexed-COL-1.04.zip
  4. Thanks again for your feedback. It was very helpful. Could you try these for me? Let me know if it's still not right. I'm happy to keep iterating until it works properly. Pegged-COL-1.03.zip Vexed-COL-1.03.zip
  5. Can you try these? I've upped the first move delay a little, but if it's not enough I can increase it. Pegged-COL-1.02.zip Vexed-COL-1.02.zip
  6. Sorry, that text shouldn't be there. That's an old entry based on an old plan that I mistakenly left in the text.
  7. Can you give these a try? I've fixed a number of issues in my libraries since I released these, and hopefully that'll fix the problems you're seeing. Please let me know if there's still an issue and I'll look into it. Pegged-COL-1.01.zip Vexed-COL-1.01.zip
  8. I know how it was. You had your faithful ColecoVision, but your best friend had a C64. He loved to rub your nose into the fact he had the latest puzzle game and you didn't. You loved your ColecoVision, but you just wished they'd released a new game for it. Well, here it is finally, 36 years too late. Collect the coins, avoid the boulders, fireflies and butterflies. Amoebas and Magic Walls make diamonds too. DiamondDash2-COL-1.00.zip
  9. Match the sames tiles until all tiles have been removed. Season tiles are interchangeable with each other as are the flower tiles. Left button to select and match tiles. Right button to show tiles blocked from view. Can you clear all the tiles? Mahjong-COL-1.00.zip
  10. No problem. I wasn't happy with the controls either. Anyway I was only porting Arno Dash to ZX Spectrum, so not interrupting anything important.
  11. I've increased the delay slightly and fixed a few issues on the key repeat delay. Let me know if what you think. I'm happy to keep tweaking until it feels right. Pillars-COL-1.02.zip
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if this is ok. Pillars-COL-1.01.zip
  13. Match the jewels to clear the lines. What level can you get to? Pillars-COL-1.00.zip
  14. Move the boulders and collect the diamonds. Collect all the diamonds to move to the next level. Press fire button to retry the level. Can you finish all 50 levels? Pitman-COL-1.00.zip
  15. I've fixed the issues you've mentioned: - Make sure sound is turned off after finishing - Fixed rendering text on finishing - Made # key resigned game I prefer to make games intuitive than to have instructions, though maybe that's a bit difficult for a console. It's reasonable idea,maybe next release. The features you've mentioned are good idea. Originally, I didn't have enough tiles for extra text, but I might just have enough now to display numbers. Maybe in a later version I'll add a timer and some stack options. Klondike-COL-1.01.zip
  16. The classic solitaire card sorting game now for your Colecovision. The goal of the game is to sort the cards into order. Left button to select a card to move, then press again to move the card. Right button to move the pointer to bottom of the pile, then press again to move the deck. Right click also automatically moves a card to the foundation, if a valid move. Hold both left and right buttons together to resign the current game. Klondike-COL-1.00.zip
  17. The classic game of searching for mines. Press left button to reveal the square, use right button to flag as a mine. Minesweeper-COL-1.00.zip
  18. I've updated it to only accept only on input per frame. Snake-COL-1.04.zip
  19. Great Video. It took a month to develop, and only 10 minutes to play :) I'll probably keep working on it over time. But I'm trying to finish off a few other things as well. More levels would take more than 32K ROM space. Would it be reasonable to use the Megacart?
  20. The Gerbils are trapped! Help them use their skills to escape home. Left button to apply selected mode to a Gerbil and to speed up cursor Right button to change selected mode and scroll the background Just a very limited demo as a proof of concept; what I could fit into 32K. Gerbils-COL-1.00.zip
  21. I've updated to ignore backtrack inputs and improved diagonal input. Snake-COL-1.03.zip
  22. The classic snake game. Collect the apples and get those random bonus rodents before they disappear. Dodge the walls but don't run into your tail. Snake-COL-1.02.zip
  23. Great news. Thanks for everyone's help.
  24. I've added a few no-ops between the joystick reads. Hopefully that will fixed the joystick problems. ArnoDash-COL-1.02.zip
  25. Try clearing some space under the wall first.
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