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  1. So don't update my Atari OS till a solution is found? Got it. I guess in this case I'm lucky to have to use my phone as a hotspot to get online. Hopefully this can be solved soon so that those of you that updated can get back into the bios.
  2. Man that's rough, I know probably ab 10 or so people who've contracted COVID, all but one (who happens to be a nurse, she had it real bad) recovered in about a week. Personally I'm not worried ab it myself but I comply with orders to give others a piece of mind. Thankfully Ive had videogames to get thru this bs cos idk what I would've done otherwise lol.
  3. That sucks that your retro games stores are still closed. Every store by me has been open the entire time, you've just gotta mask up. God bless the USA lol
  4. I'm enjoying the VCS very much granted the majority of my time is in Atari "PCS" mode. I played thru Half-life the other day. The Atari has basically revitalized my Steam library. Speaking of Steam, do you guys know the VR capabilities of a maxed out Atari? I'm not expecting to run anything huge just maybe something like VR chat or simple VR games. Aside from the "PCS" I have bought a handful of games on the Atari OS. I'm happy that they've seen to been going to quality over quantity with their digital selections but I do look forward to more content being released. I see that Antstream is now a free *with ads service, but Atari users can get access to some atari games a lower yearly rate and a paid sub free for a month. I'm wondering if those Atari games are available to all users tho. The discount on the sub is pretty significant but idk if I'll really use the service so much that disabling ads would be worth it. You all have any thoughts on VR and Antstream? *I saw the Antstream thread and got my answer regarding it there 😁 Lovin the VCS tho, I turn it on everyday when I get home from work, barely touched any other console.
  5. Thanks! Thats what I need.
  6. Unfortunately I live in a place where I cannot get internet access so I must use my phone as a hotspot, it sucks. So yea I think I need to find a wifi driver via my laptop, load it via USB and go from there. I'm just really not sure where to get that wifi driver.
  7. The OS is already installed (and boots) onto the m.2, do I need to initiate another install process? Sorry I'm new to all this. For example I used a DVD drive to put a cd in and windows didn't have any way to play sound I'm pretty sure it looked for a drive but none were found, do I need internet access to find drivers or is that stuff local? I know I'm asking basic questions but I don't really know what I'm doing.
  8. Long story short I cloned my pc hard drive onto an m.2 for use in the VCS. Only problem is that I need to download a bunch of drivers (wifi, sound, graphics etc). I'm new to the whole pc mod community this is really the first one that I've ever tinkered with. Anyhow I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction as to which drivers I need exactly, I think wifi is probably most important bc that'll get me online to dl the rest but I'm not totally sure where to look for that. A friend told me that I should look based off the wifi chip. Like I said tho I'm new to all this and learning as I go so help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Also on another note my fav VCS games so far are Sir Lovelot and Danger Scavenger. Super pumped ab the VCS, have had it for a couple weeks now and haven't really touched my Switch/Xbone/PS4 since.
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