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  1. You're talking about the size of the rom itself, which is not a problem since it's held by Unocart. It's the ram requirement that is the obstacle and somehow different between the versions. The 5200 can make do with 16k to run Ballblazer while the A8's need 48k for the same game. Was the 5200 version coded more efficiently or is it missing features? I don't think "zero interest" is accurate since I'm interested. And, I bet a lot of other 16k owners would jump at the chance to finally run this classic title. Think of the millions of poor 400/600XL users around the world who have been deprived of ball blazing, just because nobody has patched the 5200 version to run on their A8 hardware. If you have the 1337 coding skills to solve this decades-old problem then your name will undoubtedly live on forever in the annals of Atari folklore!
  2. I bought it from Ebay a few months ago for $70.
  3. The native A8 version requires 48k. The 5200 version only needs 16k, which happens to be what I got. Is there a noticable difference between the two?
  4. It sounds like A8 compatibility would require the 5200 cart to be patched not only for different I/O addresses, but program code too. Any coders up to the challenge?
  5. Thanks for the cars, but sadly none of them worked. For the 32k rom, Unocart said, "Error:Unsupported CAR type." All the 64k roms just produced a black screen.
  6. For me, it's just not worth the expense and risk of breaking it for one single game. I'm still hoping for a software fix instead...
  7. The rom size isn't the problem since Unocart handles that. It's the code expecting to find 48k ram that's breaking it since the XEGS/800XL version both require at least that much. But, a 5200 only has 16k ram like my machine, so it seems like it could work if not for different memory maps.
  8. I have a cart loading device, a Unocart. I tried the XEGS rom available on the site you linked, but that's a 64k rom for 64k ram system. The 5200 version is a 32k rom for a 16k ram system (like the 600XL), so it must be different somehow. Hardware wise, it seems like it should work. Software wise, I think the I/O registers are mapped differently between 5200 and A8. Does anybody know more about this?
  9. In theory, but I'm not sure the 1064 actually exists in the USA. I have never seen a listing on Ebay for one here.
  10. Anybody have the coding skills to convert the rom? I'd love to hear the Song of the Grid playing on POKEY! I have only ever heard the SID version before.
  11. I have a stock (16k) 600XL with Unocart and no tape or disk drive. It plays all my favorite games except for Ballblazer, since that requires 48k. However, I see that a 5200 version exists and it only has 16k ram. Is is possible to convert the 5200 rom to an A8 rom to run on my 600XL? I know the memory can be upgraded with some chips, but my soldering skills weren't that good 20 years ago when I last held an iron. And, I had perfect eyesight back then!
  12. It worked, and I didn't even have to remove a single screw. Thanks to Dr V and BillC!
  13. I will definitely check out the color potentiometer. The 600XL is NTSC and the emulator is set to that as well. Do the emulator colors look correct to everyone? I don't have anything else to use as a reference.
  14. I am new to this forum and Atari computers. I was a Commodore guy growing up, but I was always intrigued by the Atari’s 256-color palette. Forty years later, I finally bought a 600XL from Ebay! It is paired with a Unocart and no disk or tape drive. Everything seemed to work great until I hooked an emulator up to the same TV and noticed some radical color differences, especially green becoming brown (see attached photos). Any ideas on what could be causing this? And, if so, how hard would it be to fix? All photos are from the same Sony flat WEGA 24” CRT TV, and taken with the same tablet camera. The right column is from David Firth’s ‘Atari 800 Emulator’ on an AMD E-2100 running Win 10 and CRT_EmuDriver 2.0. It produces 240p (15KHz) RGB non-interlaced output, which is then sent to an S-Video encoder.
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