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  1. For those that didn't pre-order or get the email, here is just a quick summary. 5k finished units were in California After testing the units, they found out about battery issues; they wouldn't hold a charge very long or some wouldn't charge at all Made difficult decision to send back and get a different battery supplier Started placing orders for more factory parts for additional pre-orders Estimated time was 2 years (they verified the chip shortage is very real) To overcome, they have just finished revising main board with a more readily available chip set Other parts are still hard to come by and are working on it I am in Group #2 (10,000-20,000) and its now early 2022. Groups #3 and #4 are send half 2022 and #5 is late 2022.
  2. For a brain exercises, Letter Quest is good fun for spelling words and has RPG mechanics to make it more exciting. If you are interested in more historical games, I would recommend Verdun and Tannenberg (PC, Xbox, PS) which are authentic WW1 shooters. Although they don't put as much historical info directly in the game, they are all based on real historical battles, with real weapons/uniforms and the like. Even the name of the game Tannenberg, I was like "what is this about?" and decided read up on it. The battles are quite fascinating to me and they are fun to play as well.
  3. You've probably seen the video (since you posted it as well), but for others interested it seems everyone gets season 1 and you get the games at the same rate - no matter when it arrives. If I get mine a couple weeks before you, I would get to start the next wave before you. If you get yours in 2022, people in 2021 will most likely have them all already. They had said it just wasn't feasible, so I think season 2 will be more likely the original vision (where we all get to play at the exact same time). They had suggested doing like a "book club" where maybe we just manually sync up our play times and start the same game at the same time. I'd love to start that with some folks here that are in the 2021 pre-orders. Just kind of play around the same time and share experiences.
  4. Yeah me too, just pre-ordered it. The recent positive press around it really solidified my decision. I do have some nostalgia for the original Gameboy as it was my first gaming device I owned, so the look and feel already appealed to me. I also really like their approach and idea of keeping games secret and we get to all play them together. It will definitely be interesting.
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