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  1. Am struggling to find time to play at the moment, but should be able to have a decent run Wednesday. I haven't got past three chevrons in my brief goes so far. Given that I only got to four chevrons in the main run, I think that captain will probably be more than enough for you to win. I will however be doing all I can to better my score and change that 😄
  2. I love this game. It does that thing that so many arcade conversions for the 2600 did, in that despite being way behind the arcade game graphics wise, it somehow manages to be as much fun to play as the arcade game. Sadly I am pushed for time this week, so am struggling to get a decent score on the board. But I'll definitely play this one again after the season ends. Oh, and how do you deal with those tanks. I always get stuck as soon as I see one of those
  3. I think I will lose some ground this week. This is a neat little game, but I can't really get to grips with it
  4. A halfway respectable score for solar storm
  5. A score for fireball. I really like this one, but I can't help thinking that the lack of paddles is making this game harder than it would otherwise be. Btw, the score is 7716. I appreciate that those colours aren't the easiest to read 😱
  6. Sorry Vocelli, you seem to have missed my score on this one
  7. A score for Birthday mania. Think I am done with this one already to be honest
  8. More improvement. I think I will struggle to get any higher than this
  9. Big improvement. I do like this game 😃
  10. Got my patch early 😊. I love this one. Imho it's exactly the sort of thing that made the 2600 such a hit back in the day. Simple, fast paced and fun. Will try and hit a bigger score before the week is out
  11. Big improvement in tower of Rubble. The game went back to the demo before I took a picture, but the score has been captured as the high score, so I photographed that. Hopefully this is ok to still count, as I don't fancy my chances of hitting that score again
  12. Yes and no. Yes, there have undoubtedly been good games I haven't played. But over the decade there have been thousands of good games on many platforms that I haven't tried. It's physically not possible to play them all in the time I have to devote to gaming. Playing Atari games is first and foremost a nostalgia kick for me. My reason for wanting an Atari emulator is to replay the games I played as a kid (and those I wanted to try at the time but never did). Playing new games on a system that is almost as old as I am isn't generally going to make the priority list for the limited time I have to play games. That's not to say I'm not impressed by what the homebrew scene creates. Playing this season of HSC has introduced me to four homebrew games (which is probably more than I have tried in the time I have had Stella), and each one has in it's own way been impressive. The skill and creativity that goes into them is remarkable, and I have enjoyed them all. The fact that the scene exists and is providing so much pleasure to so many people is frankly wonderful (there can never be too many forms of harmless fun in my book!), and I'm amazed by the skill of the people who make it possible 👍👍👍 But on a practical level, there are only so many hours in the day, and I can't do everything that looks interesting. Homebrews are one of those things that are very neat, but that realistically I'm never going to really get into from a time perspective . . . . .which I guess is why I never noticed that my Stella build must now be knocking on for a dozen years old 😂
  13. Turned out I was previously running 2.3.5 , I shudder to think how old that is. As for how people get these builds, in my case it's just a case of having had it for a long time. I discovered Stella many years ago (about 3 computers ago in fact 😃). I've simply transferred it over to each new machine, and figured that there was no need to update an emulator for a machine that went out of production close to 30 years ago..,...... And until this week , that was true lol
  14. Thanks Rayman. That was indeed it. I was using a very old version of Stella, and the game wouldn't run on it for some reason (have never had that issue before). Have downloaded a current version, and am now able to play. . . . . .which is a very good thing, as the game is fab 👍
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