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  1. Big improvement on my score. Will try for a further improvement before tomorrow evening, but I suspect this will be as good as it gets
  2. Well, after unexpectedly topping the bonus game scores last week ( I did say I was going to milk that one 😂) , normal service is now resumed, and we have a game I am rubbish at lol
  3. Rollage for dishaster (my first ever HSC rollage, which at least means I have something positive to say about this game 😂), and 1790 for cosmic corridor.
  4. Wow, it looks like I have just topped a high score chart on HSC for the first (and let's face it, probably only😂) time. I know it's only the bonus game, but I'm going to milk this one for all it's worth 🙂🙂
  5. Improvement at Dark Cavern. It always seemed like a really big score was on the way, but it never quite came ☹️
  6. Really loving the choices this week. Dark cavern is another one that I had never heard of before the HSC, but that I really like (I Can't help thinking that a 16k version with multiple caverns would have been awesome). The strategy side of it is great fun, even though I am not much good at it yet. As for Stack game, what a work of genius in 1k!. Games don't come much simpler than this, but it just fits together beautifully. The colour scheme Even manages to feel calming as you play, and I reckon this would have been a smash if it had been released early in the systems lifecycle
  7. A bit of improvement at Empire Strikes Back. Think I am done with this one (or at least this version) now. It's just too hard to be fun
  8. An improvement at Atlantis. I think this is as good as it will get from me. As an aside, I have got more into this one as the week has gone on. Although I know that this is a favourite of many, I never played Atlantis as a kid, so there is no nostalgia attached to this one for me. And at first, I struggled to get what all the enthusiasm for this one was about. But as I played it more, I got into it as the kind of simple, fast paced game that the 2600 did so well. I can certainly see why it's a favourite of people who played it when it first came out
  9. More improvement. Have been trying to crack 100k but not quite there yet
  10. As for Empire Strikes Back, that is just bonkers hard. I have had a good go at it, but feel any success I get is more luck than judgement !. I've posted a score, but think you need to be a far better player than me to actually enjoy that variation. I love the game as a whole, but this version is just tooooo hard
  11. Well this week is a toughie. Frogger was probably my favourite of the cartridges I owned as a kid, but this version is really hard. I think I will struggle to get to 5,000, so am posting my best effort so far. I love Frogger, so might come back to this later on to try and get my last bonus point
  12. Really sorry to hear that Roger. We've never met obviously, but this place has been a really friendly community in the short time I have been involved, and it's sad to hear about a member of that having a tough time. Hopefully the doctors get to the bottom of things soon, and you get back to your best soon
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