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  1. cimerians


  2. I got a physical copy on the PS4 because I backed it... they also gave me a digital code. I got a free copy on Xbox live too. I remember playing it in beta, it's come along way.
  3. When Microsoft changed their philosophy (make people WANT to use your product rather than forcing shit on them) when Nadella took over years back, things got immensely better. I'm way more of an Xbox fan now than I ever was, I think they're generally going about things the right way. The exclusive thing I'm not too worried about, I can live without certain games I've learned that the hard way. The most important thing for me has got to be backwards compatibility, you can't invest so much money on games, physical and digital...and not have it be playable on your next system. Those days should be over at least for a while I hope.
  4. Physical media is great until it’s burnt in a fire...

    1. save2600


      same could be said about anything. ;-)

    2. Keatah


      Except that book of curses which haunts you from the cellar.

    3. cimerians
  5. Awesome....the other ones are finally being released on consoles.
  6. I think I beat the DC version way back but I hated the controls\camera too, there was one part I got stuck on for a while but I tend to like all Spider-Man games even if there not good. I really loved the Sega arcade beat-em up back in the early 90's. The PS4 game is what I've always dreamed of.
  7. "Sony CEO Talks Microsoft Collaboration, Calls Console Gaming “Niche”" Whhaaa? ....actually I agree with that.
  8. We live in Bizarro World, even a few years ago, who would have thought that a boob rpg would be censored on PS4, and uncensored on Nintendo. https://kotaku.com/omega-labyrinth-toned-down-for-ps4-but-not-for-nintend-1834745365
  9. I actually loved the 1st game a bit more as well. Great news.
  10. https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2019/05/16/sony-microsoft-partnership-announced-for-cloud-gaming-services/ Definitely smells the threat of Google.
  11. MadCatz PS1 memory cards can go to hell. 70 hours of FF7 lost circa 1998, I won't forget that.
  12. Nice! lol...still haven't gotten a VR let alone even tried it. Can't even imagine how much improved these things will be years from now based on what people say
  13. Eternal Darkness, that was a great game it had some really cool effects like "shutting off" your TV or raising the volume if I recall. I have to try out FEAR... Thanks for the heads up on Godflesh, will definitely check that out.
  14. Yeah good song before the 'change', still think Land of Rape and Honey is their best. Wax Trax had some great bands on their label. The original Alone in the Dark was pretty scary but the polygon graphics kind of nullified it. lol. Great musical score though.
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