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  1. I'm gonna actually play the Mass Effect Legendary series again down the road, maybe try it on a harder difficulty and a renegade path for the most part since I've never tried that. Just did a speedrun of Batman Arkham City finished in 17 hours. Easy getting sidetracked in that game but didn't want to do any of the side missions again. For me it's one of those games where I can't come back to unlike the first game so I figured I'd just do the main mission and that's it. May take a break from modern games play some secret of monkey island or something
  2. Surviving Mars is free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/464920/Surviving_Mars/
  3. Batman Arkham Asylum & Dragon Age 2 Couldn't help myself, Asylum is still highly addictive.
  4. Wow! I mean it is a really long game and I've played me some 200+ hour games before. Lol. I'm impressed, although I've been thinking about playing it again someday on Steam but I'm not willing to pay extra for the ‘switch version’. Great game though, had a lot of fun…. it DID slog for a bit sometimes only because of its endless quests and things to do.
  5. Dragon Age Origins for the millionth time. Playing the first Batman Arkham game, not sure if I want to beat it again, just wanted to revisit the first one. Also revisited Thief Deadly Shadows just for fun.
  6. I no longer force myself to finish a game even if it's rated high by the media or fans. If I don't like it, I don't like it and time to move on. I have well over 1,000 games, life’s short and better to spend it on something I enjoy. (Good recent examples for me were Witcher 3 & Horizon Zero Dawn.....boring as shit).
  7. ....and now Origin (EA) is offering them for free: https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/deals/augustclassics (Syndicate, Ultima Underworld I & II)
  8. Actually I felt that way for all three games (mainly the first two). I beat all of them and the second one I just didn't care for all around. The third one the production quality is through the roof but for some reason I still didn't care for that world, the characters etc. It didn't help that the majority of quests are: take a job, use Witcher sense, kill monster, get paid, repeat. Maybe throw a decision in there now and then. I guess you could really get into the crafting and stuff like that but I don't know, it's not great and it's not bad….its just good enough to keep playing to finish it and (for me) not go back again.
  9. Not sure if this still works it's about a day old. You can snag a code from Amazon gaming to redeem on Origin for free copy of Battlefield 1 on Origin. https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/battlefield1
  10. The concert is what makes up the gigs I think. I downloaded the non 4k version (its huge). I wont bother watching it though I'm not THAT big of a fan of this series. Its this: 2 books, a concert and Gwent cards for the Gwent game and of course the Witcher game which everyone owns. The cards are: Sunset Wanderers, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Ciri, Vesemir Mentor
  11. Exactly, the first 45 minutes or an hour because of the constant tutorials...I can't tell where I'm at now but I think I came into it at the wrong time just having beaten Mass Effect Legendary. It's almost a carbon copy of Far Cry Primal too which I enjoyed more (in terms of world and weapons). Anyway I may finish it and try to skip some of the side quests, seems that bogs it down a lot.
  12. I have well over 1,000 games on steam so I'll be getting this without a second thought. If I'm not playing it, someone in the house will be on this thing constantly.
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn kind of stinks. Anyone play it? I'm severely unimpressed (except for the pretty graphics). Looks like I may stop playing it, was planning on beating this next.
  14. A Suikoden fan! I beat ALL of them and I've been meaning to replay some (I just replayed S1 and S2 a few years ago). I remember liking 3 overall but disliked them going to 3D rather than 2D. Suiko 4 is hard to get into, especially controlling the damn ship. Once you get the hang of it it's not that bad, it's pretty different than the other games. It's my least favorite but I been thinking about replaying it to confirm, just remember hating navigating the ship. Suikoden 5 was good but pretty hard if I remember, it's almost like a throwback to the first two. This is just memory, it's been a decade and a half since I've played some of them.
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