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  1. I've had this in my library for a long while, need to get around to it sometimes. Sucks about the story though....
  2. Awesome thanks , I've seen that game before Monument Valley, it looks like an old Colecovision game called Illusions
  3. It's basically Star Wars heroes but a fantasy setting…from all the free games I've played this one and maybe empires and puzzles are probably ‘worth’ it. All of those types of games are grinds unless you pay up but it just seems that in Raid you're always getting something, they're always giving you crap so you're not totally ‘stuck’ if you know what I mean. After a while it does get a little boring I have it on auto battle half the time and lately I've just been logging in to make sure my characters auto level. If you don't play much you can always put them in this thing called an Arena in your town and they automatically level up for you so you don't actually have to play the game every day it's kind of cool. They allow crossplay with every device along with their PC version unlike Marvel puzzle quest. The thing that got me hooked on it was the variety of characters you get and the equipment you can customize on each of them. Gameplay is just like Star Wars heroes, turn based with autobattle as an option for grinding etc. there's also a bunch of Raid clans that you can join that don't require you to play constantly every day I'm in one that at the very least asks you log in once a day. You can always try it out and then just stop after a while, which I do for a lot of free games lol. Although as I mentioned earlier i still log into this one every day and a few others on my list. Overall I have to recommend at least trying it cause it's worth experiencing at the very least, there' lots of garbage out there and this one isn't one of them IMO although the ads they pepper you with when you first load up is annoying. Again a lot of games like this do the same thing.
  4. Exactly this. Its OK, never felt the need to spend money but got lost in the see of games out there, I can only focus on 3-4 'free' games like this not much more.
  5. Empires & Puzzles Raid Marvel Puzzle Quest ...and occasionally the D&D Warriors of Waterdeep game. Games I was playing and stopped: Elder Scrolls Blades Etherium Star Wars Heroes Warlords of Aternum Whiteout\Lifeline series Pixa (Adventure look-alike) Captain Cowboy (Boulderdash clone)
  6. I finished the demo when it came out on PS4, I try to keep in mind it's a demo but: honestly the only parts I enjoyed was the quiet time when you talk to the characters and just walking around, the action is just chaotic, I had no idea what was going on, the scorpion boss was ridiculous, most of it I didn't even bother looking at the screen I was just looking at the options i had, at one point I looked up and tried to figure out what was happening.... Classic mode was kind of a joke I mean it's basically playing the game for you (instead of just making it turn based). The animation is quite jerky during the action sequences making it even worse to try and follow what's going on. The cut scenes looked unbelievable lifelike, but the game was dark and rather blurred/grainy didn't think the graphics were all that great in-game. Truthfully and honestly it's a severe disappointment for me, there's no way I'd pay $60.00 for this, I'll probably get it on sale at some point on steam....I can't imagine walking around the world just hacking things with that sort of combat. In terms of combat mechanics, it's basically a low budget Devil May Cry or a horrifically bad version of Dragons Dogma…whose combat is superb over this in every way. The music was the same it really sucks hearing that music and watching this mixed bag. I love the way the demo ends, just a screen for you to purchase the game or the soundtrack. 😕 Another thing that turns me off (of part 1) of this remake....is the fact that it only goes to the Escape from Midgar section Which means no Yuffie/Cid/Vincent/Cait Sith... No Nibelheim flashback... No Cosmo Canyon with Seto... No Gold Saucer... No Mt. Corel... No City of the Ancients... A better end would have been the end of disc 1 with Aerith's death. Everyone escaping Midgar is kind of a silly endpoint. I'm guessing 3-4 more episodes at probably $60 a pop. 1 - Leaving Midgar 2 - City of the Ancients (maybe) 3 - Mideel and the Lifestream (maybe) 4 - North Crater (maybe) Those would be my guesses beyond the first installment, but that could be years out and that is all the time in the world to screw things up. Do we get to keep our saves? Can we migrate to PS5 (for free)? Do we start at a specific level in Part 2? Again, I wish I was excited, but after playing the demo - battle system feels like I’m playing some cheap imitation in a beautiful package. It’s disappointing because I wanted a remake with enhanced graphics & expanded content, but this means the one I dreamed of will never happen. It wasn’t hard to get right either - all they had to do was combine classic FF7 battle system with DQ11 modernizations (enemies show on field/no random battles, speed up & automated options for grinding/trash mobs) which would have negated a need for changes to materia & Summon.
  7. I'm hoping epic gets achievement someday because at this rate I'll have a crap ton of games the way there giving them out
  8. Konami sale, Castlevania collection, Silent Hill, Contra etc https://www.indiegala.com/store/konami-games?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=The_Golf_Club_2019_featuring_the_PGA_TOUR__Crackerjack_NEWS__20200310&utm_medium=email the arcade collection is 5 bucks contains these arcade games: Scramble TwinBee Nemesis (Gradius) Salamander (Life Force) Typhoon (A-Jax) Haunted Castle Vulcan Venture (Gradius II) Thunder Cross
  9. Just beat Dragon Age Origins on Xbox 360\Xbox One, about a year or two ago I figured I'd play a few 360 games on Xbox One just to see the visual improvements.
  10. Yeah he was just a network engineer who came out to help on some projects, I remember him telling me that. It was sort of a 'revelation' for me...seems they were always planning on it, I think Satya was there in those days, I actually kind of like him, much better than that douchebag Ballmer.
  11. I remember around 1997 the late 90s we had a Microsoft guy come over to our company a big international bank I used to work for (I was doing their network stuff)…He says to me and I quote 'cause I'll never forget it “everything is going to be cloud based, everything, that's the future”. I think I was 27 years old and at that point I understood what that meant but was surprised he said that. I think he was pretty much right.
  12. Just beat the FF7 remake demo on PS4...if that counts It was pretty disappointing for me. 😕
  13. Wongo!!! I think Austin has a souls thread here somewhere which has more info but for me it's just been the draw of a dark D&D type RPG with somewhat ‘realistic’ combat mechanics along with some horrific Monsters\bosses, also the discovery and exploratory nature of them…story definitely takes a backseat. Sadly I can't get far in these games without giving up but there's always a way as Austin mentioned. I'm not totally into them cause I have trouble beating them (Bloodborne kicked my ass and I think Dark Souls III may be the best of the series per reviews)....so I can't recommend them for everybody, these games are definitely not for everyone. I just have a sweet spot for the original 'cause it's the first I played and probably the only one I played a lot.
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