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  1. So far it's a complete disaster in my opinion. A friend of mine got it here and all he says is it's jerky/pixelated as hell. INTENSE lag on some days. Other days it's perfectly normal and he's tried everything Wi-Fi, Direct connections etc. In two weeks his data doubled! Non 4k!
  2. Happy birthday PS1 you were pretty awesome for your time  

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    2. cimerians


      It was great, when I think about it now it was pretty revolutionary. Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Parasite Eve, Crash Bandicoot etc. Played the crap out of it, almost everybody I knew had one and a lot of them bought it for Final Fantasy 7. I'm done with modern consoles for the most part too. 

    3. Austin
    4. Flojomojo


      It was super awesome. I was 25 at the time, and it was almost exactly what I "needed."

  3. No consoles for me for the first time in my life, at least not on release. I do all my gaming on PC, I may get an Xbox later cause it's tied into Win10 etc. and I like playing movies and media on it. PS5 is a big maybe years LATER. It's the only console exclusive games I can't play on PC with. (Last of Us, God of War etc) but there's absolutely no rush at all for me to ever want it. I'm finally getting a switch next year for Animal Crossing.
  4. I've been here since the beginning, well about a year after IIRC 2002. I support anything Al does. I did subscribe a number of times but since my 'injury' years back I haven't gamed a lot, owe lot of medical bills and haven't been really visiting the site anymore because of my decrease in interest in console gaming and collecting. There's also the distractions of places like Twitter, Reddit, Discord etc. which I also spent a lot more time on the last few years. If I visited here more often and had the spare money I would probably subscribe again. If there are ads in the future I'm 100% fine with it also maybe a donation link on the front page would help too. I would definitely donate a little money now and then when I can. If I buy something from the store I wouldn't mind putting a 'tip' during checkout. Just some ideas.
  5. Wow I can't believe paintshop Pro is still around, I used to use that in the 90's to do pixel art for Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures etc. lol
  6. Holy crap! Insane, I snagged them all.
  7. Princess Bride remake? Not sure who owns the rights to Princess Bride but it seems the rumors come from Sony, this is three times Sony has pissed me off this year. Sony can go f*** themselves.

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    2. cimerians


      I agree 😕

    3. jaybird3rd


      Enough with the remakes already!

    4. Flojomojo


      The ONLY acceptable way to remake Princess Bride is to rotoscope over the original, and keep all the old voices. I would be fine with a new look, but only barely. Make it look like Undone. https://time.com/5672110/undone-amazon-review/

  8. Yeah it's buggy everywhere, I see a lot of the reviews saying that. I really don't buy at launch anymore, I've conditioned myself to wait. I replayed the first two this past year so I'm up to speed. I always liked these games.
  9. https://store.google.com/product/stadia_founders_edition?utm_source=hpp&utm_medium=google_oo&utm_campaign=GS102951&utm_content=hpp2 Bloody hell, I really want to try this out. Every fiber of my being is against this but the feeling of wanting to sign up for the founders pack is tempting. I wonder how much data you'll be pulling in at 4k for 30 hours a month? LOL (Caps!)
  10. cimerians


  11. I got a physical copy on the PS4 because I backed it... they also gave me a digital code. I got a free copy on Xbox live too. I remember playing it in beta, it's come along way.
  12. When Microsoft changed their philosophy (make people WANT to use your product rather than forcing shit on them) when Nadella took over years back, things got immensely better. I'm way more of an Xbox fan now than I ever was, I think they're generally going about things the right way. The exclusive thing I'm not too worried about, I can live without certain games I've learned that the hard way. The most important thing for me has got to be backwards compatibility, you can't invest so much money on games, physical and digital...and not have it be playable on your next system. Those days should be over at least for a while I hope.
  13. Awesome....the other ones are finally being released on consoles.
  14. I think I beat the DC version way back but I hated the controls\camera too, there was one part I got stuck on for a while but I tend to like all Spider-Man games even if there not good. I really loved the Sega arcade beat-em up back in the early 90's. The PS4 game is what I've always dreamed of.
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