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  1. DAI - One word: Hinterlands. Game lost lots of fans. Deep into the game (and ignoring all the shard & option quests) it gets better.....but soooo many people I know shelved it. Doom Eternally Out of Ammo...and the parkour double dash sonic jumpfest almost killed it for me. 2016 is my go to modern Doom. Cyber Shadow, I haven't played but I know those damn piranha fish in Ninja Gaiden Black and of course the Medusa heads from a dev who hates his own game. Broken controllers abound because of that nonsense, makes you wonder why on earth someone would think to put that in their own game. I think the older I get the less tolerance I have. Oh well.
  2. Are we allowed to post games that we start and then quit aka voluntarily will never touch again because it stinks? Not sure if Doom 3 is considered modern anymore but was sitting on my backlog since the original Xbox and I finally played it (BFG ed.) , I TRIED to like it but its god awful. I found this somewhere on the internet, reflects my thoughts exactly. "Doom 3 sucked. Lets take fun ass doom and make it this slow, boring corridor crawl with fucking key hunts like it's some ghetto system shock. The encounter design and pacing in that game is atrocious."
  3. Doom Eternal…which was pretty insane but I actually prefer 2016 Doom
  4. It's majorly rigged for the wealthy for decades but we are seeing it reveal itself more this past year because of COV etc. Check out Dan Price's 'interesting' thread. (He's that CEO who gave all his employees 75K a year and took a million dollar pay cut).
  5. Exactly. Wall Streeters treat our economy as a casino and then complain about a message board of posters who are doing the same. I'm buying some Blockbuster stock. 🤞 😁
  6. They dont have to cover it up and they aren't that smart. And I quote--> think GameStop is wild? Wait 'til you see what the financial industry did to retirement accounts for teachers, nurses, police, firefighters and factory workers in 2008. Their punishment? 0 jail time, big bailout, and a huge new revenue stream: cheap houses to buy and rent out. This is getting political so I'm stopping right here. Pull up popcorn on your local news channel and enjoy!
  7. Great movie, great game, I beat it way back with my kid on the PS3 I'm glad the game has come back I thought it disappeared forever.
  8. Here's what is for those interested in short selling, this game happens all the time its just they don't like it when groups of normal people like you or me do it.
  9. lol It's hilarious. Made my day. (For those not understanding what they did just google GameStop short selling). 😆
  10. Finally went back and finished Doom 2016, they did a great job with this.
  11. I started this game years ago (steam) but put it away I need to get back to it and start it over and finish it it was fantastic from the little I played.
  12. Finished Metro Exodus, an improvement over the other ones in terms of gameplay but the ‘open world’ is largely uninteresting. It's got some weak sections where you're like where the hell do I go and some really hard bosses to beat that can be frustrating, the stealth in the game is crap…. but I like the story, the characters, the music etc. If it weren't for the story, you and your companions and the game being quite fun for the most part, it would have been a let down. This is the second game I finished on the epic platform, 99% of the games I have on there I got as free downloads they do every month and I have a bunch, it's really too bad that they don't have achievements otherwise I’d play more games on there.
  13. Loved it, I still remember getting the green Halo edition. 720p gaming and it was easily hackable too. I would spray paint some of them. It also had one of the greatest games I played Ninja Gaiden black. Fun times.
  14. Beat Metro Last Light, second time through trying to get a different ending.
  15. I agree it should be Modern Gaming since there's console specific threads already anyway and so many games are cross platform today (thanks MS for doing your part), I also know quite a few people that are relegated to playing on PC only due to physical ailments\disabilities, I was one of them a few years ago. Sounds stupid but I play a few phone games and sometimes I feel like posting something about it in Modern Consoles but I feel wierd doing it so I skip it. Also imo it seems there's been a huge rush of console to PC transfers amongst the younger people too because of the "I want to be the next streamer competitive gamer" having dreams of getting loads of followers playing Fortnight or Rocketleague in competitive matchers etc. (ex. Ninja). I'm not saying consoles are total crap for competitive play but I'm definitely seeing that they're not even a consideration for most serious competitive gamers. Just my own observation I've had the last two-three years.
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