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  1. Well that's one title to cross off my list, I don't tolerate that kind of BS anymore. Thanks for not being afraid to be honest about a Nintendo title. Your not the only one by the way. https://www.denofgeek.com/games/metroid-dread-david-jaffe-difficulty-rant-controversy-reactions/
  2. I beat all the Suikoden games, I thought the PS2 versions weren't as good as the first two on PS1 maybe because of the 3D but mostly the stories were meh but I agree they sort of made up for it with the fifth game. I can hardly remember it I remember having all these colored squirrels on the team for some reason maybe to get some special item or something. I remember grinding for stuff and the game was pretty long and quite difficult towards the end. The controls in all the PS2 games were always kind of clunky esp. the 4th game with that damn ship. Lol. I was planning on revisiting the PS2 games at some point, it's been a long time.
  3. Heh, I think Tomb Raider and the whole 3D craze was in full effect in the late 90s. I could never get into any of the Soul Reaver games. This one though was so hard to find on PC and yeah the PS1 version is pretty clunky. Looks like the reviews say GOG did a good job with this. I'll get it on the next holiday sale although 7 bucks ain't much.
  4. Hidden gem, probably one of the coolest top down (non 3D) RPG's made back in the 90's, finally on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/blood_omen_legacy_of_kain Other than a console this was impossible to play on PC for years without modding. I wish they made more of this and less of the 3D ones that came out after.
  5. Speaking of GOG, I also found a hidden gem FINALLY released and patched up I been waiting for over a decade, the original Blood Omen: https://www.gog.com/game/blood_omen_legacy_of_kain
  6. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is free (Ubisoft Connect) https://register.ubisoft.com/ghostrecon-giveaway/en-US
  7. JRPG's: Played some Persona 4 last year and I was quickly reminded how awful it is to click “A” (or whatever button) to continue dialogue. Ariel: “Hello Hawk, nice day!” (press A) Hawk: “Yeah I know it's a nice day yadda yadda yadda” (press A) Ariel: …. (press A) Hawk: "What?" (press A) Ariel: …. (press A) Luckily those guys were nice enough to put a toggle in the options menu to automatically continue conversations without having to hit a button. Not sure this "ruins" JRPG's completely but....annoying.
  8. Nice, get STAR WARS: Squadrons for free (the code is redeemed in your Origin client) here's a screenshot if anyone needs to know.
  9. Finished Day of the Tentacle Remastered, cause why not.
  10. I was thinking about playing that after City, maybe I'll try it out for a bit, don't have to finish it. I heard the same things years ago, some people dig it for what it is.
  11. Your speaking in general terms and I can't speak for your financial situation, I can only comment on my own budget (hence my post referenced me and one or two things I didn't care for, I didn't say it saves you money). If it works out for you to play with consoles, have at it. Not gonna argue that.
  12. Ha, sounds like me when I was playing it. Same thing happened with Horizon, about halfway I started skipping stuff just to finish it. That's happened a lot on modern games. Witcher 3 was fun initially but like you said, its a broken record. Basic quest routine: takes a job, uses Witcher senses, kills monster, gets paid, repeat. Maybe throw a decision in there now and then and the trekking between sign posts (fast travel points) was grueling sometimes. You know it. Witcher 3 is really hard to review because it's good enough to play without quitting up to a certain point but then you've invested so much you just want to finish it off. I don't know maybe games are too long these days in terms of the type of things your doing again and again. The problem is if you skip sidequests like Arkham City the main story is so short you don't really get anything out of it. 🥴 I try to follow a rule now not to play a game if I don't really like it much, time on earth isn't infinite and I have well over a thousand games on Steam.
  13. Probably the most boring game ever made Actually realized this during the PS4\XboxOne era while I was playing the slogfest which is Witcher 3, the whole pretty graphics are fine to look at but was I actually having fun? Not really. God of War? Looked awesome but I'd rather play the arcade-like PS2 versions. Horizon Zero Dawn was a copy/paste of Assassins Creed and Far Cry Primal.....but worse IMO. There are modern games that I do like, Mass Effect the first and maybe second Batman game. The first Dishonored game and Doom 2016 was ok. But like I said sometime during the PS4 Xbox One era is when I realized pretty much all of them play exactly the same with variances. I found myself playing more arcade games like Rocket League, indie games like Hotline Miami and then when I had an injury to my hand and I couldn't use a controller I switched to PC and never looked back to consoles. I saved a ton of money doing that (well sort of, I spent it on an AMD machine instead but that will last me 10 years I hope like my last Intel one). One thing is for sure, I will never ever pay to play online again (ie Xbox Live and PsPlus). I'm not gonna rant against consoles a lot 'cause I liked them for what they were to me at one time and people enjoy them but just had to have my piece here.
  14. I'd rather get Actraiser for now kind of Diablo'd out, is Diablo 2 a remaster or are they remaking it? hopefully not like Diablo 3
  15. I'm gonna actually play the Mass Effect Legendary series again down the road, maybe try it on a harder difficulty and a renegade path for the most part since I've never tried that. Just did a speedrun of Batman Arkham City finished in 17 hours. Easy getting sidetracked in that game but didn't want to do any of the side missions again. For me it's one of those games where I can't come back to unlike the first game so I figured I'd just do the main mission and that's it. May take a break from modern games play some secret of monkey island or something
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