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  1. Hi, 32 yr's old, live in zutphen, The Netherlands. Played games on an atari 800xl from my neighbour in 1984/1985 and wanted to have my own atari back then. First computer was an msx, then i bought the 800xl from my neigbour in 1987. (only with tape recorder and about 15 tapes, and some books) Started to programm in basic a little bit and of course play games like encounter, h.e.r.o., boulderdash, mule, attack of the mutant camels, space invaders (yes!), clowns and balloons, etc etc etc... you name it.... Between 1990 and 2000 i bought a lot of second hand computers, zx spectrum, atari 600xl, 1050 drive, c64 (allso had that one in 1989, but sold it after about 1,5 years of use, had nice sound/games, but did not give me the classic 'atari feeling'), atari st, amiga 600, sharp 'something', bbc micro/electron(?), tandy 'thing', philips p2000 (with the min icassettes which behaved like a floppy, directory, etc.), some cp/m machines, and finally the pc came in.... In 2002/2003 i started selling all my old stuff, even the msx and the atari from my (ex)neighbour..... horror! (but then i did not think about it being so important and that i would miss them so much haha). In 2005 i started collecting atari stuff, now i have about everything (600xl/800xl/1050/trackball, etc.), only miss a light pen and some interfaces. Allso use the myide/flash interface and sio2pc cable... (and i got a working msx2 with a lot of old msx-1 games on disk and a c128D (first version with the carrying handle and keyboard under the machine for transport option) and a lot of disks with games... Even bought back my 1010 tape recorder from the same man who bought my atari stuff in 2003, don't know if it was the recorder i bought later (1988) or the one from my (ex)neighbour in 1984, but inside was still a note from me what i repaired in that 1010. Too bad he sold the 800xl and other stuff allready.... My current collection will never leave here anymore (my wife goes crazy!) Regards, Wynand from the Netherlands
  2. Maybe it's more like this? : qoute: Later in the XE's life Atari decided to re-release some older games with the Gray Label style, but in a XE style case. A few of these re-releases were also made with a XE style label (Easter Front, Donkey Kong). Games that used a CXL serial number that were re-released in this style were switched to a RX number. end qoute: Source: http://www.msu.edu/user/reicher6/labelvar/labelvariation.htm The last paragraph explains some label changes etc. not 100% sure.... just my 2 cents
  3. Hello there, My 800xl does not start up anymore, after turning it on it does the memory test. Allmost every ram square tested became blue, a few where green. After i took all the chips out of the socket and replaced them randomly in a socket, the memorry test still shows after powering on, but now the squares become red, a few are green and one square is 'flashing' red/green. I think one or more memory chips are broken. Does anyone know an address (i prefer Holland or Europe) where to get those chips? Or maybe there's another sollution? UPDATE: mr-atari (sijmen) here in Zutphen was so kind to let me come over and he fixed my xl ! 1 ram chip went bad! Thanks Sijmen! Sorry to open this topic, it can be closed now (or how does this work then? ...) Keep up the good works and have fun with you atari's ! Wynand from The Netherlands, Zutphen
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